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"Nevermore has encouraged me to sharpen my mind and my fangs. My warm memories of Nevermore will last a lifetime — which for me, will likely be around three centuries long."
-Yoko Tanaka

Yoko Tanaka (田中 陽子, Tanaka Yōko) is a cool vampire student at Nevermore Academy and one of the main characters in the Netflix Series Wednesday.

As a member of the Nightshade Society, Yoko is one of the more notable students at Nevermore. She appears in the background of episodes and features more prominently alongside Enid Sinclair and Divina. However, she is only loosely connected to the series plot, with her only action being to help chain Tyler Galpin after Wednesday Addams exposes him as the hyde.

She appears in the Netflix series Wednesday.


In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Yoko is first seen in the quad when Enid was giving Wednesday a tour of the school.

In fencing class, Yoko and Enid stand together, watching Bianca and Wednesday spar. She looks almost disappointed that Wednesday lost the match with Bianca.

Yoko is seen in "Woe Is the Loneliest Number" alongside Enid and is painting the canoe that is used later in the episode. She is replaced by Wednesday as Enid's right hand as she is in the infirmary after mistakenly eating garlic hidden by Bianca Barclay. However, she seems to make a speedy recovery as she appears well in the following episode, where she is on good terms with Bianca again.


Yoko has long black hair and brown eyes. She is almost always seen wearing blackout glasses. In dark settings, she has her glasses off. She has tattoos on her hands.

When in uniform, Yoko wears an untucked white shirt, long pants, and platform boots. Outside of uniform, she is well dressed and put together, whilst still maintaining a Harajuku-inspired goth flair.


Yoko seems to care about her friends a lot and is fairly competitive. She also cares about other people, as she was the first to refuse to electricute Tyler, although she knew he was a monster. She is more serious than Enid, and that is displayed in the way she holds herself both in background scenes and in scenes featuring her interactions with the Nightshades.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Semi-Immortality: As a vampire, Yoko has a much longer lifespan than others, noting that she will likely "live for three more centuries." While it's unknown at what rate she ages, if any, it's been similarly noted that some other vampires have been at the school for decades without aging.
  • Immunity to Sunlight: Like other vampires on the show, Yoko is unaffected by sunlight and moves about freely in the day with no issue, only needing to wear sunglasses due to her eyes being more light-sensitive.


  • Swordsmanship: Yoko participates in fencing club and classes at Nevermore, and has displayed a proficiency in it.


  • Garlic: As a vampire, Yoko is allergic to garlic, which results in a visit to the nurse when she eats it.



Yoko and Divina are in a relationship and are both members of the Nightshade Society. They are often seen interacting in the background of scenes and sit together frequently. They are seen sitting together on the stands during the speech in "Friend or Woe," and in the following episode they are having coffee together with Enid Sinclair. After Enid asks the two to leave because Lucas Walker wants to talk to her, they move to the next booth over. They are seen in the background of the scene sitting closely together, with Yoko resting her arm on Divina's shoulder. This isn't the first time they have been seen displaying signs of affection publicly. As shown in the previous episode, Yoko has her arm around Divina and is holding her close as they talk and walk with Bianca Barclay.

Kenichi Tanaka[]

Kenichi is Yoko's father.

Enid Sinclair[]

Yoko and Enid are close friends and are temporary roommates when Enid gets into a fight with Wednesday. She and Enid are on the same team when competing in the Poe Cup. They are seen eating lunch together before being interrupted.

Bianca Barclay[]

Yoko and Bianca appear to be rivals but seem to have a friendly relationship. They are close and on good terms in "Friend or Woe" after their competitive edge took over in the previous episode. They are both members of the Nightshade Society.


"But we have a lot of wealthy alumni, so Weems looks the other way as long as nobody makes any waves."
-Yoko about the Nightshade Society


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Wednesday Series

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  • Yoko - Means "light, sun, male" (陽) (yo) and "child" (子) (ko). It's an alternate transcription of Yōko.
  • Tanaka - Means "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta) and "middle" (中) (naka), which literally means "dweller in the rice fields" altogether.


  • In a cut scene at the Rave'N, Divina and Yoko are dancing together.
  • In the original script, Yoko is 16 years old. [2]
  • Naomi confirmed that Yoko would not be returning for the second season.[3]

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