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"Welcome back. Take it easy. The nurse said you don't have a concussion but you probably have a pretty nasty bump."
-Xavier Thorpe to Wednesday Addams after she woke up

Xavier Thorpe is one of the main characters of the Netflix series Wednesday and a psychic student at Nevermore Academy. Xavier is an artist and possesses an innate talent for painting, which he can animate through his telekinesis.

He is a member of the Nightshade Society. He's one of the more notable students at Nevermore; he appears in every episode and was one of the suspects Wednesday had when she was investigating the murders that happened to Jericho.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


Xavier was born to Vincent Thorpe, a famous psychic, and an unknown mother. He has psychic visions, mostly in his dreams. He is an amazing artist and frequently paints his visions on canvas. He also has the ability to make his drawings come to life—a power which he doesn't have much control over.

As a teenager, Xavier attends Nevermore Academy. He was placed in a dorm with Rowan Laslow, and they got along well. He dated the popular siren, Bianca Barclay, and joined the Nightshade Society at some point. Because he fixed and renovated an abandoned workshop on Nevermore grounds, Principal Weems let him use it as a private art studio. Due to his prophetic dreams, Xavier regularly consulted the therapist, Valerie Kinbott.

Before the events of the series, he got assaulted by Tyler Galpin and his friends, who also destroyed one of his murals. Tyler was then sent to bootcamp and came back to Jericho as a reformed person, but Xavier continued to dislike him immensely.

Xavier can be seen painting a mural on the quad's walls of a raven. Enid describes him as a tortured artist. He and Bianca used to date before they split at the beginning of the semester.

In fencing class, Xavier stops fencing with an unnamed student to allow Wednesday to pass through. He watches a Wednesday approach Bianca and Rowan and continues to do so when Wednesday and Bianca spar.

While Wednesday is walking outside, Xavier pushes her out of the way of a falling gargoyle. She is knocked unconscious, and he takes her to the infirmary.

In the infirmary, Xavier stands over Wednesday, waiting for her to wake up. He lets her know that the nurse said that she doesn't have a concussion. When he tells her that he is returning the favor, Wednesday looks at him in a confused manner. He tells her that his godmother was a close friend of Wednesday Addams' grandmother, as they had fun robbing travelers in Europe. His godmother died when he was 10 years old. At her funeral, he got bored and played hide and seek with Wednesday. He hid in his godmother's coffin and was almost cremated but was saved by Wednesday just in time.

Xavier is painting the mural in the quad when he hears Wednesday playing her cello. He paused to listen.

At the darts booth at the Harvest Festival, Xavier sees Wednesday popping a lot of balloons and walks up, saying, "Jeez, you get any better at this, you'll be taking home a whole pack." Wednesday replies, "Pandas don't travel in packs. They prefer solitude." Xavier takes the "subtle hint" and asks who she's waiting for when Tyler walks up to them.

Xavier is standing near a plushie stand and sees Wednesday bump into Rowan. He sees her get a vision and chase after Rowan.

When Xavier caught Rowan stealing a book from the Nightshades' library, he confronted him in their room, leading to a huge argument. Rowan, who was going crazy because of his psychic abilities, threw Xavier into a wall with telekinesis, leading to the end of their friendship. Rowan was then kicked out of the Nightshade Society.

In the conservatory, Wednesday was seated next to him. He tried to impress her by making his drawing of a big black spider come to life, but Wednesday simply crushed it, making the whole class laugh. A jealous Bianca then tried to one-up Wednesday in class, sparking a rivalry between the two.

After Wednesday witnessed Rowan's murder, she asked Xavier about him. However, like the rest of the school, Xavier believed that Rowan was just expelled, as he had seen him that morning and his side of their room was all packed up.

When Wednesday and Thing snuck into his room to find Rowan's purple book, he came in, leading the intruders to hide under his bed. Bianca then also followed him inside, trying to get him back and asking him what he sees in Wednesday. Unknown to them, Wednesday was listening and became determined to beat Bianca in the Poe Cup.

The next day, in the Poe Cup, Xavier captained Team Amontillado and went up against the other teams. Their boat and costumes were jester-themed. But their boat sank when Enid Sinclair clawed at it while Thing distracted the members guarding it, thus disqualifying them.

When Xavier saw Tyler with Wednesday, he tried to warn her against him, but to no avail.

When Weems forced Wednesday to visit each school club to find one to join, Xavier showed her the archery club and shot some arrows, each a little off the bull's eye. Wednesday then proved herself to be more than capable by shooting an arrow through an apple in midair and into the bull's eye.


Xavier is a tall and handsome Caucasian teen. His eyes are a light olive color with brown surrounding his pupil. He has dirty blond shoulder-length hair that he ties up into a man bun when painting.

His school uniform is worn neatly, the only alteration being his school-colored hoodie that he wears underneath his blazer.

In the Poe Cup, his team, the "Amontillado," had a jester theme, and he wore a colorful jester hat and an oversized, colorful clown collar and costume. His makeup consisted of a white base, black smudged around his eyes, and red smudged in a vague smile over his lips.

At the Rave'N dance, he wore a white suit and had his hair tied back. He wore a black ribbon in place of a tie. His blazer, shirt, and pants were all white, whereas his shoes, tie, and belt were all black.


Due to his father's work, Xavier is used to being alone most of the time; he had to grow up quickly and raise himself in order to not feel lonely. Xavier is reasonable, charismatic, and sweet. This has made him well known among his classmates, and he has a reputation for being a highly proficient artist who is able to bring his artwork to life, such as when he makes the spider he drew in his notebook come alive to impress Wednesday. Xavier is also a good friend, as he aides Wednesday in her investigation and even gives her some advice about her visions. However, there are times when he is prone to react aggressively. An example of this is when he is imprisoned and yells at Wednesday, insulting her and refusing to cooperate with her because she betrayed him. His reaction, of course, can be viewed as a logical response because he has always been there if she needed someone to help her. Her dismissing his help many times built up this reaction that he had when imprisoned. He was very friendly towards her even at the beginning, while rumors spread about what had happened with Wednesday at her last school.

According to Ajax, Xavier's got a "dark side" that no one else knows, stating that he is also very competitive and was very frustrated when their team lost the Poe Cup, and it is probably because his father is famous, so he has a lot of pressure to actually succeed. Xavier is also known to be very vindictive and grudge-bearing towards anyone who has wronged him in the past, such as his immense distrust for Tyler Galpin and his anger at Wednesday for bringing him to the Rave’N Dance.

Nevertheless, Xavier is also capable of recognizing his own mistakes and can be humble. After the fight of Wednesday against Joseph Crackstone, Xavier has a conversation with her, and he sincerely apologizes for the way he treated her while he was imprisoned, despite being entirely in his right, and as a way to thank her for saving his life, he gives Wednesday a phone so they can be in touch.

He commands natural skills to be a leader, which is seen when, in the Poe Cup, he is the captain.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Art Animation: Xavier has displayed the ability to make his art come to life. For example, he made his drawing of a spider rise off the page and walk towards Wednesday. He also created a portrait of Wednesday playing her cello that, when animated, could actually create music. It seems that his animations aren't very strong, as Wednesday easily squashed the spider. However, when he drew the Hyde monster in his art shed, it somehow came out of the artwork and attacked him.
  • Precognitive Dreaming: Xavier has dreams that give him a greater sense of the world around him. He had dreams of Tyler as the Hyde, and while he wasn't able to identify him, he was able to feel his presence.


  • Archery: Xavier is proficient with archery, with almost unmatched accuracy. Wednesday is the only person capable of surpassing him. His proficiency is demonstrated when he shoots an arrow at Joseph Crackstone from a considerable distance to save Wednesday and almost hits him, but due to Crackstone's power, the arrow is repelled.
  • Drawing: Xavier is a remarkable sketch artist. This is seen when he sketches what he remembers from his dreams and when he sketches a spider in his notebook.


  • Drawing Control: When Xavier brings his art to life, the art can have a mind of its own, with his hyde and spider drawings showcasing this.


Vincent Thorpe[]

Vincent is the father of Xavier. They seem to have a distant relationship due to Vincent's work as a famous psychic, although Xavier hasn't shown any resentment toward his father for being alone almost all the time. It is implied by Ajax Petropolus that Xavier has a lot of pressure on his shoulders because of the success of his father. On the Parent's Weekend Vincent sent a message to his son, probably apologizing for not showing up. This shows that Vincent at least cares enough about Xavier to be in touch with him from time to time.

Wednesday Addams[]

Xavier met Wednesday Addams for the first time when they were ten years old. At the funeral of Xavier's godmother, they were playing hide and seek, and he hid inside the coffin and was about to get cremated, but Wednesday pressed the red button and stopped the cremation, saving his life, although it was unintentional because, in her own words, she found it amusing to see a dead human rise up out of the coffin.

They meet again years later, after Wednesday was admitted to Nevermore, with Xavier saving her from getting hit by a gargoyle that was dropped from the school roof. Later on, Xavier begins to help Wednesday find out who's behind the crimes in Nevermore, being one of the first to figure out Wednesday's visions and giving her some advice. Since then, they appear to have formed a friendship. Xavier seems to have a crush on Wednesday, although he never admits it to anyone, including himself, but he couldn't help feeling very jealous and angry after seeing her go to the school dance with Tyler. Wednesday becomes suspicious of Xavier because of his paintings of the monster and because he always shows up in the same places as the creature. Xavier takes Wednesday's suspicions very badly and feels hurt because Wednesday doesn't trust him, despite all the help he's given her.

They got into the lowest spot after Xavier was arrested and accused of being the monster and realized Wednesday sold him to the police. When Xavier is locked up in a jail cell before being moved to the local prison, he lashes out on Wednesday and refuses to help her even after she knows he is innocent and someone set him up. During the attack of Joseph Crackstone, while Wednesday is facing him, Xavier goes to Nevermore with the help of Thing and attempts to save Wednesday. Xavier shoots Crackstone with one of his arrows, but it is useless due to Crackstone's powers. Wednesday puts herself in the trajectory of the arrow and is hit, saving Xavier, and he looks concerned about Wednesday being injured.

After the battle is over, the charges against Xavier are dismissed. Before Wednesday leaves since the rest of the semester was cancelled, Xavier and Wednesday have a conversation in which Xavier apologizes for the way he treated her when he was in jail and gives her a phone as a way to make amends, restoring their friendship. Xavier asks her to keep in touch whenever she needs his help, but he says that there is no need for a phone call and that a text message is enough.

Bianca Barclay[]

Xavier Thorpe and Bianca Barclay (2022) 001

Bianca Barclay and Xavier were at one point in a relationship and were highly regarded throughout the school as a powerful duo. The two split after Xavier had doubts about Bianca and her intentions as a siren. He was constantly paranoid that she was using her siren song on her, and the two kept getting into fights over it, eventually deciding to break up. The two are not very close and do not have the most positive relationship anymore; however, they went to the Rave'N together. At the Rave'N, Xavier asked Bianca to use her siren song on him so he would forget about Wednesday, which caused another fight between them. They make up the following week at Parents' Weekend, when he apologizes to her. The two are seen in scenes together from that point forward, so it can be assumed that they are on speaking terms. They are both in the Nightshade Society.

Ajax Petropolus[]

Ajax Petropolus and Xavier Thorpe (2022) 002

Ajax and Xavier have a close relationship and are friendly towards each other. They are both Nightshades and are seen in many scenes together. Xavier is one of the characters with whom Ajax interacts the most, and he has a remarkable bond with his friend, possibly in a brotherly way.

On Outreach Day (Friend or Woe), Ajax affectionately refers to Xavier as "my man" when talking about him to Enid Sinclair while at the same time commenting that Xavier has a hidden side that few realize and that he has a complicated relationship with his father, something that Xavier has not even revealed to Wednesday Addams. During the Parents Weekend (You Reap What You Woe), Xavier's father doesn't show up, so at first, he is seen alone. However, later in the episode, he can be seen sitting at a table with Ajax and his moms, smiling. This implies that he is close with Ajax's family or that Ajax is fond enough of Xavier to introduce him to his family.

Tyler Galpin[]

On Outreach Day of 2021, Xavier had been asked to paint a mural on a wall in Jericho, but he was attacked by Tyler, Lucas Walker, Jonah, and Carter, who destroyed the mural in the process. Xavier escaped unscathed, but Tyler and the others were punished, and following these events, the court ordered Tyler to see Dr. Valerie Kinbott for therapeutic help. Ironically, Xavier was also going to see Valerie. Since then, Tyler has become Xavier's archenemy, with Xavier describing him and his friends as jerks that can't stand Jericho, which thrives on financial support from Nevermore and its Principal, Larissa Weems. For some reason, Xavier holds more animosity towards Tyler than his friends and also doesn't believe that Tyler has softened, even though he stops seeing Lucas, Jonah, and Carter and Tyler goes to therapy sessions. He also tells Wednesday about him and seems jealous when she goes to Rave'N with Tyler. For Outreach Day 2022, Larissa informs students that they will be volunteering in Jericho for most of the day. Xavier refuses to go to Weathervane and asks Ajax if they can swap, but Ajax refuses in order to be with Enid, so he is forced to work at Weathervane during the day, along with Tyler.

Rowan Laslow[]

Before his telekinetic powers got to him, Xavier and Rowan seemed to get along well. While not being perfect roommates, Xavier still displayed fondness for Rowan after he died. Xavier noted that Rowan had been acting differently for the past few weeks and had been angrier and more erratic with Xavier with each passing day. When Xavier found the book that Rowan had stolen from the Nightshades' library, the two got into a fight. This fight led to Xavier being thrown against the wall by Rowan's telekinesis and ultimately severing their friendship.

Larissa Weems[]

While they are not seen talking on-screen, Xavier has a good relationship with Larissa, allowing him to have his own art studio after clearing up and fixing the place in exchange.


"Stay away from her!"
-Xavier to Crackstone about Wednesday[src]


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  • Xavier means new house, bright, and brother/pal.
  • Thorpe means hamlet, small village, and parishes.


  • In the original script, Xavier is 16 years old.[1]

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