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Wonder Bread trading cards were trading cards produced by Topps and distributed in packages of Wonder Bread.


In 1974, a set of cards featuring Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters doing magic tricks was released. Four of these cards featured The Addams Family characters from the 1973 animated series. Uncle Fester, Lurch, Pugsley, Granny Frump, and Cousin Itt all appeared on card fronts. The card backs provided instructions for performing actual tricks.

The X-Ray Glasses[]

Trick: "Get a pad. Have someone draw on it: a square, or a circle, or a number — anything. He puts his drawing in a sealed envelope — you don't see it. Leave the room and get your "X-Ray Glasses". (Any pair of toy eyeglasses will do.) Look at the envelope, then tell him exactly what he's drawn."[1]

Secret: "When you leave the room, take your pad with you — because you've hidden a piece of carbon paper in the pad! This way you have your own secret copy of the drawing. Pretty sneaky, huh?"[1]

The See-Through Cup[]

Trick: "Prove to your friends you can see through a coffee cup! You can leave the room. They'll put a coin under the cup: either a penny, a nickel, a dime, or a quarter. You come back and tell them exactly what coin is under the cup."[2]

Secret: "You have an assistant. He leaves the cup handle in one of the four positions you see in the picture. When you see where the handle is pointing, you'll know just what the coin is!"[2]

Hocus Pocus with Mirror[]

"There is a six-letter word which — if you hold it up to the mirror upside down — will read perfectly! Don't tell anybody, but the word is "CHOICE". Try it: write CHOICE on a piece of paper, in capital letters. Now hold it to a mirror, upside down. What did we tell you?"[3]

The Brush-Proof Penny[]

Trick: "Put a penny in the palm of your hand. Ask someone to sweep it away with a hair brush, using long, even sweeps. "Easy!" he'll say. But he can't do it!"[4]

Secret: "You may not know it, but there's quite a deep hollow in the palm of your hand. The brush goes right over the penny without touching it!"[4]


  • Cards were produced with a wide variety of topics, from baseball and football to Star Wars and DC Comics superheroes.

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