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"That bunch of knuckleheads are Furs, aka werewolves. Like me! Full moons get pretty loud around here. That’s when Furs wolf out. I suggest you pick up noise-cancelling headphones."
-Enid to Wednesday[src]

Werewolves are a type of outcast.


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In human form, they have slight wolf-like attributes such as claws for nails. During certain moons, these outcasts transform into their full werewolf form.

Personality / Mentality[]

Werewolves are known to be loud, and at Nevermore Academy, when werewolves are expected to wolf out, they are taken to the Lupen cages and locked in until they return to human form.


The werewolf diet consists of large amounts of red meat, as shown during Parents Weekend when Esther Sinclair worries that her daughter Enid is not eating enough red meat. The Sinclair family, along with three other werewolves, were shown eating meals made solely of meat.[1]


Werewolves live in packs that consist of their family. The leaders of the packs are the parents. If a wolf is unable to "wolf out", they are kicked out of their family pack.[2] A wolf that does not live in a pack is looked down upon. A wolf that does not "wolf out" is less likely to find a mate, something that is also looked down upon. Dying alone is a fear that many wolves have, as it is their societal norm to be family-oriented.

Powers and Weaknesses[]


  • Superhuman Strength: Werewolves have superhuman strength in both wolf and human form.
  • Superhuman Durability: Werewolves have increased durability and endurance in both wolf and human form.
  • Enhanced Smell: Werewolves can also possess keen sense of smell in both wolf and human form.
  • Shapeshifting: On full moons, werewolves can shift into bipedal wolf-like creatures.


  • Mortality: Despite their durability, Werewolves are still vulnerable to blunt force injuries caused by other supernatural creatures who can inflict pain severe enough to leave scars onto their flesh in human form.


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