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"Velma: But it's dark; we could be stranded here all night.
Daphne: Velma, you're always so negative; why can't you be more positive?
Velma: All right. I'm positive we'll be stranded here all night."
-Velma Dinkley and Daphne Blake

Wednesday Is Missing (also known as Scooby-Doo Meets The Addams Family) is the third episode of The New Scooby-Doo Movies animated series on CBS, airing 22 September 1972. It can be considered the pilot episode of The Addams Family 1973 animated series.


When the Mystery Machine gets stuck in the mud outside The Addams Family Mansion, Mystery Inc. ends up becoming housekeepers for The Addams Family and watching the children while Gomez and Morticia go on a vacation in the Okeefenokee swamp. When a giant vulture threatens the house and Wednesday goes missing, it's up to Scooby-Doo and the gang to rescue her and stop the giant vulture.

Plot Summary[]

As the Mystery Machine drives through fog, Scooby gets scared of the headlights from a car and covers Fred's eyes. Fred ends up swerving into the mud and getting stuck. The mystery gang gets out of their vehicle to talk to the housekeeping couple. The couple warns the gang about the Addams Family Mansion and drives away.

Fred tries to get the Mystery Machine out of the mud but finds that its battery is dead. Lurch approaches Shaggy, offering them help. Shaggy faints, and Scooby digs a hole to hide near Daphne, Fred, and Velma's feet. Lurch tells them to follow him and pulls Scooby out of the hole by his collar.

At the mansion, Gomez is walking up the wall, and Morticia knits. Gomez talks about how he's upset that they'll have to cancel their vacation to the Okeefenokee swamp. While playing with her voodoo doll, Wednesday pricks her finger and goes to Grandmama. Morticia and Gomez wonder where Pugsley is, as he has been missing for three days, when Gomez finds him covered in sand in his sandbox. Pugsley was trying to dig to China. After Gomez and Morticia walk away after telling Pugsley it wasn't possible to dig to China, Pugsley's friend Ling-Poo appears from the sandbox. After being told that Pugsley couldn't play, Ling-Poo left.

Outside of the mansion, Lurch rings the doorbell and gestures for the mystery gang to go inside. Initially scared, Shaggy refuses to go inside but soon zooms in after seeing the dragon on top of the pole. Shaggy crashes into a six-armed statue. Once inside, the rest of the mystery gang recognizes the house as the Addams family mansion. Without letting the mystery gang get a word in, Morticia and Gomez thank them for being their new housekeepers and leave.

Uncle Fester invites the mystery gang to break bread with the rest of the Addams family. When Lurch reveals a live chicken for dinner, Velma and Daphne agree that it would be a good time to start their diet. Shaggy attempts to eat his food, but has every bite stolen by Cleopatra. Cleopatra then eats Shaggy's fork. At the sound of the vulture, Shaggy digs and hides in Cleopatra's dirt until she drags him out and blows him away. All of the lights go out, and Thing lights some candles before disappearing into Uncle Fester's soup. Cousin Itt then points out that Wednesday is missing. Under Wednesday's chair is a warning for the Addams family to leave their house.

In the foyer, the mystery gang plans to search the entire house for Wednesday. While in the study, Fred and Daphne discover an organ that's playing itself. An armoured suit clamps down on Shaggy's candle, causing him to freak out and run with Scooby following close behind. Velma then sees what the two are running from and follows them. Velma looks behind and realizes the suit is no longer following them. When they stop, she points out that the suit is now hovering above them. Once the three of them look at the suit, it crashes to the ground revealing that it was empty.

In the Okeefenokee swamp, Gomez is fishing with Morticia next to him. Gomez catches an octopus on his line and gets dragged into the swamp and under the water. Moments later, Gomez gets thrown out of the water by the octopus.

In the house, Fred and Daphne are running away from a flying carpet. Fred uses the phrase "open sesame," and a door opens. He uses the phrase "close sesame" to close the door, allowing the two to escape from the carpet. Fred opens a door labeled closet and sees two living skeletons. Daphne spots a door labeled "Wednesday's Pet Corner" and opens it to reveal a fire-breathing dragon. They quickly leave the room. Fred then points out a door named "Pugsley's Experimental Laboratory." In the laboratory, Daphne and Fred see a monkey and ask if it's Wednesday. Fred then asks a mouse if it's Wednesday. When Fred and Daphne go to leave, they trigger a door alarm causing them to fall through a trap door.

Defeated, the mystery gang hangs out in a room with Shaggy playing chess by himself. After moving a white piece, a black piece checks Shaggy, winning the game. The table then levitates away. Fred then sees a door and tries to open it. Velma then says, "I wonder where it leads," with Fred responding, "We'll never know. It's locked." after failing to open it. Scooby then runs through the locked door after hearing Velma say the word skeleton.

After entering the room, the gang discovers that it is Gomez's bedroom. Shaggy goes to lay on Gomez's bed, only for Scooby to push it out of the way and reveal that the bed is covered in nails. Shaggy throws Scooby a scooby snack, only for Pierre to eat it. Both Scooby and Shaggy faint.

The gang leaves Gomez's room, and Shaggy sits on a blue chair. He suddenly shoots up and shows that he sat on Wednesday's voodoo doll. Scooby tries to get Wednesday's scent from the doll but gets hair stuck in his nose and sneezes. The doll deflates and reveals a note. The note is another warning to the Addams family from the vulture. Scooby smells the doll again and starts tracking Wednesday. Scooby leads the group to the kitchen and begins drinking from a cauldron. Grandmama comes in and reveals that the liquid in the cauldron was not soup, but the iguana's bath water. After hearing this, Scooby turned green and ran away. Scooby then falls down a hole but is brought back up with an elevator.

The mystery gang takes the elevator up to a secret terrace. They come upon a locked door, and Velma picks it. Behind the door is Wednesday, sitting on a chair and playing with Homer. Wednesday then points to the vulture in the sky. The vulture dives towards the gang and drops an egg. The egg cracks open to reveal a note that serves as the final note for the Addams family to leave the house.

Scooby and Shaggy run away and take the elevator to the first floor. When they reach the front door, they are greeted with an alligator bag being held by Morticia. Frightened, the pair run into a room and get stuck inside of Brontosaur.

Morticia is playing ping-pong with Thing while the mystery gang explains the threats that they've been receiving. After Fred suggests to Shaggy that they should check the basement for clues, Shaggy says no and leaves with Scooby in tow.

In the basement, Fred, Velma, and Daphne search for clues. After hearing the gang criticize the basement, Cousin Itt pops up from a hatch in the floor and tells them off.

Upstairs, Shaggy and Scooby find the carpet that was chasing Fred and Daphne earlier. The carpet flies with a sleeping Scooby and Shaggy on top of it. Scooby sneezes and causes the carpet to fly backwards, crashing into the house. The vulture causes the carpet to fly after it.

Back in the basement, the three members are unable to find clues. The three find a door with a "Keep out" sign on it. After going inside, they find candles. After lighting the candle, Daphne is able to identify the room as Uncle Fester's laboratory. Velma points out that Uncle Fester makes fireworks, and the candle that Fred lit was not a candle. The sparks from the firework light the other fireworks, causing them to go off.

Outside of the house, the three members spot Scooby and Shaggy on the flying carpet. The two land the flying carpet on the water, and they sink, revealing an octopus. The vulture gets struck with a firework, causing it to spiral and crash into the ground. The crash reveals that the vulture was actually a helicopter being piloted by the old housekeepers. The housekeepers reveal that they only pretended to be housekeepers to plant magnets around the Addams family house. The housekeepers wanted the Addams to leave their house because the creepy things they had were affecting the neighborhood.

The neighborhood kids meet the kooky things that live in the Addams family house and show that they aren't afraid.

The Addams family offers to have the mystery gang as permanent housekeepers, which they decline. Lurch lifts the Mystery Machine out of the mud, and they drive away.

Cast and Characters[]



Additional Cast[]

  • Daws Butler as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Joan Gerber as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Larry Harmon as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Ann Jillian as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Jim MacGeorge as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Mike Road as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Vincent Van Patten as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Henry Corden as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Florence Halop as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Pat Harrington Jr. as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Ted Knight as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Cindy Putnam as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Olan Soule as Additional Voices (credit only)
  • Lennie Weinrib as Additional Voices (credit only)


There is no uncredited cast.

Other Characters[]


  • Thing
  • Homer
  • Mr. Bentley
  • Brontosaur
  • Bruno
  • Okeefenokee swamp octopus
  • Pugsley's turtle
  • Wednesday's Voodoo doll
  • Pugsley's monkey
  • Pugsley's mouse
  • Pierre
  • Iguana
  • Addams family Octopus


No characters are mentioned.


"Velma: Actually, thinking you've seen some place before that you've never been in is quite a common psychological phenomenon. It's called Deja vu.
Fred: In this case, they ought to call it Deja boo.
-Velma Dinkley and Fred Jones

"I can't help it, Morticia. Knowing we'll have to cancel our vacation to the Okeefenokee swamp is driving me up the wall and down it too."
-Gomez to Morticia

"Gomez: That's the Balinese way of saying hello.
Shaggy: Oh yeah? Well this is the Shaggy way of saying goodbye."
-Gomez and Shaggy Rogers


  • When Cleopatra eats Shaggy's fork, Wednesday says she needs the iron.
  • Wednesday's pet spider Homer makes a groovy yo-yo.
  • When Thing pats Scooby-Doo, he is a left hand instead of his usual right.
  • Fred Jones and Daphne Blake encounter a dragon in one of the rooms.

Ooky Food[]

  • Southern Fright Chicken

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