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"Dr. Kinbott's office is on the second floor. Other Nevermore students swear by her."
-Larissa Weems about Dr. Kinbott[src]

Dr. Valerie Kinbott was one of the main characters of the Netflix series Wednesday. She was a normie living in Jericho and the local therapist in town. She was Wednesday Addams' former therapist. She was also the therapist to many past and present Nevermore Academy students, such as Xavier Thorpe, as well as locals of Jericho, like Tyler Galpin.

She appeared in the Netflix TV show Wednesday.


Kinbott's background is unknown, but she got a degree in therapy, graduated, and moved to Jericho. In the series, she will become Wednesday's therapist after she arrives at Nevermore, but she's also Xavier's and Tyler's therapist.

Season One[]

When Wednesday first arrives at Nevermore Academy in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe," Larissa mentions Valerie to Morticia as the therapist who Wednesday will be going to. After Larissa drops Wednesday off at her appointment, the two people start talking, with Valerie leading the conversation. Valerie tells Wednesday that she read her manuscripts and wanted to discuss the characters Viper and Dominica and their relationship. Wednesday escapes, and Valerie is seen trying to find her.

During Wednesday's appointment in "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number," Valerie asks Wednesday why she claimed to have witnessed Rowan's murder. She then congratulates Wednesday on not escaping and for staying for the entire appointment.

In her house in "Chapter III: Friend or Woe," Valerie is seen finishing some clothes for taxidermied animals. She places the one she was working on in a cupboard, revealing her collec

After leaving Uriah's Heap in "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night," Valerie runs into Wednesday and asks if she's going to the Rave'N. Wednesday declines to answer, and they part ways.

On Parent's Day in "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe," at the suggestion of Larissa Weems, Valerie organizes a family session with Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley. Wednesday ends up bringing up the subject of Garrett Gates' murder and wants to know the truth. Morticia gets angry, and then Wednesday declares that she will only have to excavate the truth herself and leaves the cabinet, followed by Morticia. Pugsley thanks Valerie for the candy. Valerie gently explains to him that it's potpourri and tells Pugsley to take it.

After Eugene was attacked, Valerie started working with his mothers. She visits his hospital room in "Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe." She asks Wednesday who Goody was and is told by Wednesday that she is a distant cousin. Valerie gives Wednesday some advice as a birthday gift.

In Larissa's office in "Chapter VII: If You Don't Woe Me By Now," Valerie is preparing drinks for her and Larissa. She and Larissa discuss Wednesday's progression in therapy and how she's adjusting to Nevermore.

Later, Wednesday comes to suspect Valerie of being Laurel Gates after discovering a dancer's box in the ruins of the Gates mansion and a clean room in the mansion. While spying on Xavier Thorpe, whom she suspects of being the Hyde, she sees him go into the forest to join Kinbott in her car, and they both leave.

She confronts Valerie, who does not understand anything that Wednesday tells her. When Wednesday accuses her of the murders, Valerie declares that Wednesday needs psychiatric help. Wednesday then tells her it's over, and she leaves the firm. Valerie then contacts Larissa and explains everything to her, but is cut off when she hears a noise coming from the bathroom. Opening the door, she comes face-to-face with a horrible monster, and she screams. Hearing all this on the phone, Larissa contacts the police and takes Wednesday with her. They wait at Jericho Hospital when Sheriff Galpin tells them that Kinbott is dead. Wednesday discovers that Valerie was telling the truth: she was not Laurel Gates. Regretting what she said, she then sets off in pursuit of the real Laurel and her hyde.

Her voice can be heard on a recording in "Chapter VIII: A Murder of Woes" when Sheriff Galpin was going through her stuff.


Valerie was an average-sized woman with long blonde hair, soft eyes, and a kind face. She often wears sweaters, pants, and small shoes. She also has a crescent moon necklace.

At Mayor Walker's funeral, she was seen wearing a black coat, black pants, and a gray scarf.


"Your life's had a lot of upheaval recently. It's okay to be confused about things."
-Valerie about Wednesday[src]

Kinbott was a very sweet, kind, and understanding woman. She also showed great patience with her patients, especially with Wednesday Addams. Like Larissa Weems, she went to great lengths to help her patients, especially those at Nevermore, like Xavier with his visions (he will even have a vision of her own death).

Her hobby is picking up small animals (such as squirrels) that have been killed by cars and then using taxidermy to preserve them. She dresses the animals in fanciful costumes, then takes them to Uriah's Heap, where they are sold to tourists.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a normie, Valerie displays no supernatural powers or abilities.


  • Embroidery and sewing: Valerie was passionate about sewing and embroidery. She even discusses it with Wednesday and has been seen several times sewing small things, like for Christmas.
  • Patience: As a therapist had to be, Valerie was someone who remained really patient and calm.


  • Mortality: As a normie, Valerie can be killed by ordinary means, like being mauled.


Wednesday Addams[]

"I hope we can forge a relationship based on trust and mutual respect."
-Valerie to Wednesday's first therapy session.[src]

Wednesday was a patient of Kinbott. Very quickly, the two women did not get along, or rather, Wednesday was annoyed by Valerie and found a way to escape on the appointment behind Kinbott and Weems' backs. During their brief sessions, Wednesday was always shown to be cold and sarcastic. Wednesday spies on Xavier and Valerie, whom she suspects are the Hyde and his master, after discovering a clean, recently used bedroom in the abandoned Gates family mansion. She decides to confront Valerie, who doesn't understand anything and thinks Wednesday has lost her mind. She ends up leaving the office, telling Valerie that it's over for her. As soon as Wednesday leaves, Valerie calls Larissa to warn her, but before she can explain the situation in more detail, she hears a noise coming from the bathroom. When she opens the door, a monster jumps on her and rips her apart. When Wednesday finally discovers that Valerie and Xavier are innocent, she feels guilty and goes to find the real Hyde and his master.

Xavier Thorpe[]

Xavier was one of Valerie's patients. They both seem to get along well, with Xavier immediately going to see Valerie as soon as something goes wrong, like when he got a vision of her dying.

Larissa Weems[]

Larissa being the principal of Nevermore, she and Valerie often saw each other in order to discuss the situations of the students, in particular the case of Wednesday Addams. They got along well and often cooperated. After hearing Valerie scream on the phone after being attacked, Larissa called the emergency services and went to the hospital. Her face turned pale at the news of Valerie's death.

Tyler Galpin[]

As mandated by the court, Tyler attends therapy with Valerie as his therapist. He talks about his mother with him, along with other topics.


"Principal Weems, it's Valerie Kinbott. Wednesday Addams just barged into my office!"
-Valerie to Larissa Weems on the phone, just before she was killed[src]

"Part of this journey requires us going to uncomfortable places emotionally."
-Valerie to Wednesday[src]


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  • In the original script, Valerie was in her 40s. [1]

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