I'm not one to be "gunning for achievements", but I do like to track my progress and maintain discipline by making daily contributions to my fave wikis (like this one!), but it is incredibly frustrating when the "wiki love" achievement counter resets to 1 even after making daily contributions!

I know... "the server time" and all that. It's not that; I make daily contributions on a few other wikis at the same time, in the same order, and the counters have not reset on any of the other wikis.

And it's not the first time that it happens! If not for these resets, I'd be well on the way to my 200-day badge.

Now I'm back to day one. Makes me almost want to give up on this wiki.

Ah, well... let's see what can be fixed... after all, it's only a little electronic blip...

--Sings-With-Spirits (talk) 13:16, May 8, 2013 (UTC)

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