Since they first appeared in Charles Addams's cartoons, the Addams Family have known many iterations, and the characters have been portrayed in many contradicting ways. For example, Wednesday's characterization is very different depending on the medium. Another even more blatent example is how some of the family members are actually related: is Grandmama the mother of Morticia (as in Barry Sonnenfeld's movies), or that of Gomez and Fester (as in The New Addams Family), that of Gomez alone (as in the 1960s series), or even a potential stranger (as in the Musical)? Also, is Wednesday older (as in the Sonnenfeld movies) or younger (as in the 1960s series) than Pugsley?

Let's have a look at how many distinct, self-contained "continuities" there are:

I propose that we take a page from the DC Database wikia's book. See how they do it, for example with the Jester here. The character's plain name (without parenthetics), serves as a disambiguation page, a gateway to all the versions of the character that exist in different continuities. Of course, that would mean there would be 8 pages for each of the "core" characters: Morticia Addams (NY), Morticia Addams (Filmways), Morticia Addams H-B 72, Morticia Addams (Paramount), Morticia Addams (H-B 92), Morticia Addams (Saban), Morticia Addams (Musical), and Morticia Addams (Nitrogen).

Now SURE, it would mean more work, more pages to create. But the benefit, I think, would be huge.

Please do not hesitate to comment! I'm very willing to help make this wikia better, bigger, ookier, and kookier.

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