Cle Jester

Uncle Jester is Grandmama's (thankfully) departed brother. He is revived when her spell to bring back Great-Aunt Esther goes awry.

Initially well-received by Gomez and Uncle Fester, he quickly tires out the family with his practical jokes and catchphrase, "It's a classic!" Grandmama plans to perform another seance to get rid of him, but Jester possesses Morticia and tells Gomez to invite him to stay "as long as he likes," making him invulnerable to exorcisms. The family calls on a pair of parapsychologists to cast him out, but they are frightened of Jester and promptly leave. Finally, the family lures him into a trap by encasing him in an impenetrable force-field until he promises to leave and never bother them again. He is later heard of after pulling the "largest practical joke ever" - defacing Mount Rushmore with four enormous cream pies.


  • Jester claims to have given Amelia Earhart directions, caused blackouts, stock market crashes, and "that whole Titanic iceberg thing."


The New Addams Family episode:


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