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Uncle Fester, Tycoon is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the original series of The Addams Family and the fiftieth overall episode of the series. It first aired 31 December 1965 on ABC.


Uncle Fester slides down the fireman's pole to take notes on Morticia's gravity experiment. When the Wolf's Head Clock growls, they pull out the chairs supporting Gomez, and he promptly crashes to the floor. She blames Gomez, but they are distracted when Thing brings the mail. Fester is enamored with a performer he saw in a show and has been writing to her for months. Diana, the bearded lady, has finally replied, sending him a photo, which he frames and hangs in his bedroom. Overcome with emotion, he proposes to her by mail. Morticia is worried about him and poses as Diana's mother, complete with beard, to try and talk him out of it. She accuses him of being unable to support her 'daughter', so Fester decides he has to get a job.

He enrolls in a correspondence course in business. He gets very aggressive and hones his bargaining ability. He impresses Thaddeus Logan with his skills and is offered a job. Meanwhile, Morticia calls in a psychiatrist, Dr. Brown, to help cure Fester. When Logan comes to see Fester, Gomez thinks he's the psychiatrist and that he's trying to take Fester off to an institution. Gomez manages to get rid of Logan, and Fester decides he's had enough of work and gives up on his plans to marry. When the real Brown arrives and sees Morticia feeding Cleopatra and Fester lighting a bulb in his mouth, he thinks they're both crazy, and Gomez has Lurch show him the door.


  • Gomez caroms a wild croquet shot off both the Bear and Cousin Farouk. Later, they spook Mr. Logan.
  • When Thing helps Morticia with the phone, he is a left hand instead of his usual right, though when he holds the phone for her a moment later he is right again.
  • Morticia says Diana's beard is blonde, though the photo clearly shows a brunette.
  • Despite Blossom Rock, Lisa Loring, and Ken Weatherwax being credited, they only appear in the opening and closing credits.
  • It was remade for The New Addams Family episode "Fester, the Tycoon".