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"Do you make a habit of scaring the hell out of people?"
-Tyler Galpin to Wednesday Addams after she appeared from seemingly nowhere.[src]

Tyler Galpin is the secondary antagonist of the first season of Wednesday. He is the son of Sheriff Donovan Galpin and his late wife Francoise and a resident of Jericho who strikes up an unlikely friendship with Wednesday Addams. Tyler has a troubled relationship with his father and is a hyde.

He appears in the Netflix TV show Wednesday.


Season 1[]

Tyler is first seen in "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe" trying to fix an espresso machine at Weathervane. He looks up after the machine starts smoking and jumps back when he sees Wednesday standing in front of him. After Wednesday fixes the machine, he offers to drive her to Burlington Station as payment but lets her know that he will only do it after his shift. Wednesday sits at a booth and waits for him. Lucas, Carter, and Jonah enter and try to bully Wednesday. Tyler approaches the three boys and tells them to leave Wednesday alone. He is told by them, as well as Wednesday, to leave. After Wednesday beats up the three boys, Tyler asks where she learned how to fight. When his father, Sheriff Galpin, enters, he tells his dad that the three boys were harassing Wednesday. Wednesday was then taken away by Principal Weems.

In his room, he hears a knock on his window, and when he opens it, a sentient, severed hand enters. Freaked out, he grabs a baseball bat and tries to hit the hand, only for the hand to grab the bat away from him. The hand then has him sit down and shows him that it has a phone number written on it. After calling the number, Wednesday answers and tells him that the hand is called Thing. Tyler and Wednesday make plans to meet at the Harvest Festival, where he will pick her up and drive her to the train station.

At the Harvest Festival, Tyler and Wednesday try to go to Tyler's car when they are confronted with Lucas, Jonah, and Carter. They run through the crowd to lose them when Wednesday bumps into Rowan. She leaves Tyler to follow Rowan.

The next day in "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number", Tyler bumps into Wednesday as she's leaving her therapy appointment. After she tells him that the therapy is court-mandated, he tells her that his therapy is also court-mandated.

Later, Tyler sees his dad putting Elvis in the back of his truck and asks what he's doing. After giving an answer, Donovan asks Tyler what he talks about in therapy, to which Tyler responds, "Video games, cancel culture, oat milk versus soy, it's a wild time." Tyler goes into the woods and runs into Wednesday, pulling her behind a tree so that his dad doesn't spot them. To avoid detection, he uses coffee grounds to hide his scent.

For Outreach Day in "Chapter III: Friend or Woe", Tyler is working alongside the Nevermore volunteer Xavier, someone with whom he has a negative history. When Wednesday comes into Weathervane, he helps her figure out where the original pilgrim meeting house is. He offers to go with her when his shift ends at 2:00 p.m. Later, Tyler is seen submerging himself underwater in a bathtub and screaming.

Near the Sheriff's Department in "Chapter IV: Woe What a Night", Tyler talks to Wednesday and finds out that she's going to the upcoming Rave'N with Xavier. He expresses to her that he thought they liked each other, but then she goes and asks another guy to the dance.

During his shift at the Weathervane, Tyler hears the bell on the counter ding and finds a note from Wednesday in the jar asking him to the dance. After buying a black corsage for Wednesday, he shows up to her dorm in a white suit. They go to the dance together, and Wednesday goes to get them drinks. After noticing that Wednesday left the dance, he follows her, and she reveals to him that Xavier told her that Tyer and his friends, Lucas, Jonah, and Carter, assaulted him and destroyed his mural on outreach day last year. After they go back to the dance, Tyler watches as Wednesday dances and is soon after drenched in red paint as his now-ex-friends have filled the sprinklers and pulled the fire alarm.

Tyler makes a brief appearance in "Chapter V: You Reap What You Woe" when he was working at the Weathervane. He and his father witness the Addams family going to Dr. Kinbott's Office.

At the Weathervane in "Chapter VI: Quid Pro Woe", Tyler gives Wednesday a drink with the words "Happy Birthday" written on top of the foam. He then reveals to her that he delivered the 98% dark chocolate ganache cake to the crypt for her birthday. After Wednesday leaves, he finds that she left her snood and asks Bianca to return it to her.

Tyler receives a phone call from Wednesday, who asks him to drive her to the Gates Mansion. Tyler, Enid, and Wednesday explore the mansion and split up, with Wednesday and Enid looking around the top floor and Tyler staying on the first floor. Soon after, the monster shows up and scratches Tyler's chest. Wednesday and Enid find him, and Wednesday tries to stop the bleeding. Xavier, who recently arrived, offered his scarf to Wednesday, who used it to stop the bleeding.

Back at his house, Wednesday stitches up his wounds. His father enters the house and forbids Tyler from seeing Wednesday.

At the Weathervane in "Chapter VII: If You Don't Woe Me By Now", Tyler meets Wednesday's uncle Fester. Tyler receives a short shock from Fester. To make up for the Gates mansion, Wednesday reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Tyler.

At Crackstone's crypt, Tyler sets up food, a projector, and a blank sheet to play a movie on. When Wednesday shows up to the crypt, he gives her a black dahlia and plays "Legally Blonde." After the movie was over, he and Wednesday went to kiss but were interrupted by Sheriff Galpin.

Tyler is back at the Weathervane and is seen cleaning up the place. Wednesday walks in, and they kiss. Wednesday got a vision while they kissed and rushed out of the building.

Tyler gets a message from Wednesday in "Chapter VIII: A Murder of Woes" and goes to meet her. When he shows up, she accuses him of being the hyde and presents the evidence that she has. The Nightshade Society surrounded Tyler, and Bianca siren'ed him to come with them.

In Xavier's art studio, Tyler finds himself chained to a chair. Wednesday then reveals to him that his mother was a hyde as well as a former student of Nevermore. After Wednesday stated that she's going to torture Tyler, the nightshades left.

A little while later, the police show up and arrest Wednesday. At the police station, Wednesday is let free and Tyler admits to her that he is the hyde. Tyler goes to the crypt and sees Wednesday being hanged by her wrists. He leaves at the command of Marilyn, his master. Tyler stopped Wednesday in the woods when she escaped. He shifts into his hyde form and goes to kill her, but is stopped by a newly shifted Enid. While he and Enid fight, his father shows up and shoots at Tyler, momentarily distracting him. This allows Enid to kick him through a tree, which forces him to shift back.

Tyler is later seen chained to a chair in a vehicle heading to Willowhill Psychiatric Hospital.

Season 2[]



As a human, Tyler is handsome, with light brown hair, green eyes, a kindly expression, and a mole located on his face. However, as a hyde, Tyler transforms, his features becoming ugly and warped. His eyes grow wide and bloodshot, and he has coarse, blue hair along with notably sharp claws.

Every time he returned to his human form, he was completely naked.


Tyler is originally shown as a mild-mannered, unassuming teenager. He is not personally hostile to outcasts after being court-ordered to attend therapy. His relationship with his father is strained because of Donavan’s emotional distance and his uncooperativeness in answering questions about Tyler’s mother. He was known to have anger issues in the past, such as when he assaulted Xavier, but whether this was due to his hyde nature taking over or the emotional pain over his father’s chronic absence is unclear. After Thornhill revealed the truth to Tyler about his mother being a hyde, he unlocked his outcast nature.

As he was manipulated and subjugated to torture and brainwashing under Marilyn Thornhill's plant cocktails, his primal subconscious as a hyde gained more control than he had over himself. The effects of the brainwashing as well as his hyde persona eventually led him to not only swear loyalty to Laurel Gates but also to develop a sadistic personality, hungry for dominance and cold towards the lives of others in the pursuit of mindless violence. He was also goal-oriented in the most unscrupulous directions and took pleasure in being successful in the end results. It's never clear if Tyler enjoyed or hated being a minion in Thornhill's grand plan, but he did enjoy the damages caused by going along with his part, especially to Wednesday, whom he pretended to spare while becoming a hyde just to lead her to Thornhill.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Transformation: Being a hyde, Tyler can transform into a monster with long claws, fanged teeth, and immense strength, mobility, and resilience. He initially had less control over his earlier transformations, but over time he became more conscious during his transformation.
    • Superhuman Strength: While in his hyde form, Tyler possessed incredible strength and was strong enough to battle Enid Sinclair in her werewolf form. During the battle, he was able to hold her up against a tree, where he was about to perform the killing blow but failed after his father wounded him with a shotgun from behind.
    • Superhuman Mobility: As a hyde, Tyler was able to run at great speed and length. Being able to outrun Wednesday Addams when she decides to chase after him.


  • Coffee-making: As a barista, Tyler is able to make good coffee.
  • Good Memory: As a barista, Tyler is good at remembering orders.


  • Mind Control: Whoever unlocks a hyde becomes its master. When that happens, the person loses their autonomy and falls under the control of their master. In Tyler's case, Marilyn is his master.


Donovan Galpin[]

Tyler has a strained relationship with his father due to his lack of parenting and decision to emotionally distance himself from Tyler. Tyler is also anguished over his father's lack of communication and refusal to discuss the events of his mother's death, one of the reasons for which Tyler has been seeking therapy with Dr. Valerie Kinbott.

Francoise Galpin[]

Francoise Galpin was Tyler's mother. It was very likely that they had a good relationship with each other, as Tyler tends to think about her very often and also misses her.

Wednesday Addams[]

"Tyler Galpin: Look, I did a terrible thing, but I swear I'm not a terrible person.
Wednesday Addams: Did you think I was going to judge you over some lousy prank? I would have taken it further.
Tyler Galpin: Like putting piranhas in a swimming pool? I may have done a little digging on you after we met.
Wednesday Addams: I'd do it again.
-Tyler and Wednesday[src]

Tyler was initially Wednesday's accomplice in her first attempt to escape Nevermore and leave Jericho via train. Tyler offered to drive her to the train station as an expression of appreciation for Wednesday's help in fixing the espresso machine at the cafe where he was working. It is very clear that he has some kind of attraction towards her, as he sometimes says he wants more than just to be friends with her. After some time, Wednesday seems to reciprocate his feelings, and they kiss.

But that doesn't last long, because as soon as Wednesday realizes that Tyler is the hyde, she loses all romantic feelings for him.

Marilyn Thornhill[]

Marilyn Thornhill was the one who told Tyler the truth about his and his mother's hyde nature. Soon after, she began manipulating him, slowly gaining his trust. She took advantage of his trusting nature and chained him up in a cave and brainwashed and tortured him with plant concoctions, which then unlocked his hyde side. Hydes are automatically loyal to those who trigger their hyde side. Tyler had no choice but to follow her every order. It is assumed that Thornhill’s brainwashing as well as hyde instincts made him grow to act in a malicious manner without his master’s direction.

Lucas Walker[]

He and Lucas Walker used to be friends. They bullied outcasts together, but after the incident with Xavier Thorpe, Tyler left the group and distanced himself from his former friends.


He and Jonah were friends. They bullied outcasts together, but after the incident with Xavier Thorpe, Tyler left the group and distanced himself from his former friends.


He and Carter were friends. They bullied outcasts together, but after the incident with Xavier Thorpe, Tyler left the group and distanced himself from his former friends.


  • Xavier Thorpe (vandalized his mural and assaulted him with his friends.)
  • Olivia Davis (mauled to death by Tyler in his hyde form; stole parts of her body for Laurel’s ritual)
  • Benjamin Clarke (mauled to death by Tyler in his hyde form; stole parts of his body for Laurel’s ritual)
  • Ethan Hanson (mauled by Tyler in his hyde form; stole part of his head for Laurel’s ritual)
  • Rowan Laslow (mauled by Tyler in his hyde form; stole an unknown part of his body for Laurel’s ritual)
  • Fabian (mauled by Tyler in his hyde form; which was caught on camera film; stole two of his toes for Laurel’s ritual)
  • Eugene Ottinger (near-fatally mauled by Tyler in his hyde form; was left in a coma, but narrowly lived and woke up)
  • Dr. Valerie Kinbott (mauled to death by Tyler in his hyde form; stole an unknown part of her body for Laurel’s ritual)
  • Wednesday Addams (attempted to kill once in his hyde form after Laurel was able to resurrect Joseph Crackstone)
  • Enid Sinclair (attempted to kill in his hyde form once while in a fight when she wolfed out for the first time)


  • Serial murder
  • Mutilation
  • Incrimination
  • Stalking
  • Assault and battery
  • Aiding and abetting


"Don't wanna to ask what trouble you are in now"
-Tyler Galpin to Wednesday Addams after leaving the police station. [src]


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  • Tyler means "maker or layer of the tiles", house builder or "Doorkeeper of Inn" or Cavern".
  • Galpin means the son of Galopin.


  • In the original script, Tyler is 16 years old. [1]
  • His license plate number is F5F 4G7.
  • Tim Burton designed Tyler’s hyde form.

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