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Tully Alford is a character in the 1991 film The Addams Family.

About Tully

Tully Alford served as The Addams Family's lawyer. At the time, he owed money to a loan shark named Abigail Craven who had her son Gordon torture him. Upon seeing that Gordon looks like Uncle Fester, he proposes to Abigail that she has Gordon pose as Uncle Fester so that they can steal the Addams fortune as a way for him to pay off the debts he owed her.

In order to access the Addams Family fortune, Tully convinced Judge Womack to grant the mansion to Uncle Fester and issue a thousand-yard restraining order on the rest of the Addams Family.

Abigail and Tully's ultimate fates are unknown; when Uncle Fester unleashes a hurricane in the Addams mansion's library, she and Tully are thrown out a window, landing in two open caskets in the Addams cemetery, which Wednesday and Pugsley then bury. Pugsley asks if they are dead, and Wednesday counters "Does it matter?", leaving it unclear whether or not Tully died prior to being buried.

After Tully's ultimate fate and presumed death, his wife (and presumed widow) Margaret Alford re-married to Cousin Itt.

He also often confronting Gomez in swordfighting and always losing. He always hated the Addamses and tortured Morticia in a torture wheel, stretching her arms, during his and Abigail's penultimate attempt to seize the Addams fortune.

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  • Tully Alford was played by Dan Hedaya. He serves as the secondary antagonist of the first Addams Family film.