Af trainwreck

"Why else would a grown man play with trains?"
-Gomez Addams

Trainwreck is Gomez Addams' favorite pastime.

He loves to blow up the bridge just as the trains approach it, but will usually offer the dynamite plunger to visitors or other family members.


  • In the original series, every time the trainwreck is shown, recycled footage is used.
  • In Morticia and the Psychiatrist, when Pugsley doesn't want to play, Gomez pushes the plunger but there is no explosion and the fuse fizzles out.
  • In Morticia's Romance: Part 1 (and in The New Addams Family remake, in the story of how Morticia and Gomez first met, Morticia seems to invent the Trainwreck, however Gomez already had the dynamite plunger wired into the set.
  • In Feud in the Addams Family, Wednesday ran the trains for twenty minutes with no crash. Gomez says that wasted energy could have recharged Uncle Fester ten times. Later, her friend says she made him blow up the trains and he leaves with a length of track twisted around his neck.
  • In the 1991 movie, it's implied Gomez plays with the trains to think and vent out frustrations. In this case, he's mentally debating whether or not Gordon is his brother Fester. Also, inside one of the trains is a passenger, played by the movie's director Barry Sonnenfeld, who is startled when he passes by the larger, laughing Gomez.


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