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Af azito

Tony Azito (18 July 1948 – 26 May 1995) was an American eccentric dancer and character actor. He is best known for comedic and grotesque parts, which were accentuated by his hyperextended body.

Azito made his Broadway debut in Richard Foreman's 1976 revival of The Threepenny Opera for the New York Shakespeare Festival, in a dancing role ("Samuel") created especially for him. Critics were intrigued by what soon became Azito's style of dance, which made him look like a somewhat off-kilter marionette and was accompanied by stylized facial expressions. An interviewer once described Azito as "a bit like Buster Keaton injected with Silly Putty."

He appeared in Union City with Debbie Harry, Woody Allen's Stardust Memories, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Private Resort with Rob Morrow and Johnny Depp, Moonstruck with Cher, and Bloodhounds of Broadway with Madonna, and played the lead in the 1976 cult film Apple Pie.

He died of HIV/AIDS at Saint Vincent's Catholic Medical Center in Manhattan, New York City, at age 46.


Azito played Digit Addams in the Addams Family (1991) film.