• As part of the Achievement Hunter fandom, I would just like to say, that although I kind of enjoyed the changes to the page, because they were entertaining, I also feel as though AH fans should've made their own pages elsewhere, because messing with something that you've clearly put quite a bit of work into is rude, and I know how annoying it is (I used to run a blog for a class at school, and one of the guys in that class kept hacking into it and letting people change it, even though they knew I'd spent hours working on it -.-) so I empathise with how you've probably been feeling.

    Apologies on behalf of the entire fandom, we're not all destructive and annoying xx

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    • Well, it's all in good fun, ain't it? I'm not amused, and any kind of vandalism is grounds for blocking, but worry not, I'm neither pissed nor prejudiced. I do hope it won't happen again.

      The representatives of your fandom has so far been very courteous and very kind despite the numerous trolls, and I thank you. But I say once more, I hope it won't happen again.

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