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The Winning of Morticia Addams is the thirty-fourth episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 21 May 1965 on ABC.


Uncle Fester reads an article that claims that apparently happy marriages are dangerous, because there is sickness hidden within. Since Gomez and Morticia are so happy, Fester discusses it with Grandmama, Lurch and Thing in the play room, and they all agree to make them have a few fights for their own good. Grand Guru Drasi Dumo, Gomez' yoga master calls for Gomez' dues but Fester says he quit and Morticia thinks he's a fraud. Fester's plan backfires because Gomez enjoys being with Morticia all that time he would have spent on yoga. Fester then visits the article's author, Dr. Francois Chalon, who comes to offer advice. He's very attracted to Morticia, and Fester stirs this up to cause trouble. Dr. Chalon is the best swordsman in France, and Gomez challenges him to a duel. Fester's getting worried, but Gomez would rather be dead than lose Morticia. She wants them to cancel the duel so she seeks Cousin Itt's advice in his bedroom, but he just tells her she looks good in black. Finally, Dr. Chalon calls off the fight, declaring that their marriage is perfect just the way it is.


Ooky Food[]

  • Hemlock Cocktails