The Voodoo Story is the thirteenth episode of the 1973 animated series of The Addams Family.


Vacationing in Bayou country, The Addams Family stop to help a fellow traveler with a flat tire. He explains that the land pirate, Pierre LaFitte, wants to buy his plantation and build a shopping center on it. He doesn't want to sell, so LaFitte hired Madame Hoodoo to use her voodoo on him. The Addamses go to visit her, but she is afraid of Granny's present of a baby rattler. Madame Hoodoo releases a tarantula to frighten them, but Wednesday wants it for a pet. She sics Big Mama alligator on them, but Ali just makes a new friend. LaFitte has Hoodoo brew a love potion, but he spills it on himself and falls in love with Granny. Granny plans to put a blessing on her, but brews up a tornado which blows Madame Hoodoo back to Haiti for advanced voodoo lessons.


Background Information

  • Catching mosquitoes is Granny's favorite hobby next to snakewatching.

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