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"Would you look at my family? Talk about toxic pack mentality. I give my mom 30 seconds before her judge-y claws come out."
-Enid Sinclair about her family to Wednesday Addams.

The Sinclair family appears in the Netflix series Wednesday.


The Sinclair family is a pack of werewolves that lives in San Francisco.

Known Members[]

Esther Sinclair[]

Esther is the mother of Enid and her brothers, as well as the wife of Murray.

Murray Sinclair[]

Murray is the father of Enid and her brothers, as well as the husband of Esther.

Enid Sinclair[]

Enid is the daughter of Murray and Esther.

Cousin Lucile[]

Cousin Lucile is the cousin of Enid and went to werewolf camp to help her 'wolf out'.

Unnamed brothers[]

Enid has many unnamed brothers.


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Appears In[]

Wednesday series

Mentioned In[]

Wednesday series


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