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The Great Treasure Hunt is the nineteenth episode of the second season of the original series of The Addams Family, and the fifty-third overall episode of the series. It first aired 21 January 1966 on ABC.


In the attic on a stormy night, Gomez and Morticia reminisce about their honeymoon in Death Valley. They discover Great-Grandfather Pegleg's old sea chest, and the treasure map in it. Morticia wants to search for the treasure, but half the map is missing, so the first search is through the house for the rest of the map. When Gomez finds it they charter a boat from Captain Grimby and his mate, Mr. Brack. Grimby becomes infected with greed, especially when Gomez offers him $200,000 for the charter. The sailors try to steal the map, but Uncle Fester startles them. They torture him to make him open the safe, but he enjoys that. He only gives them the combination when they stop. The safe is booby-trapped, and they're scared off. When Gomez and Morticia check the safe they find a code book for the map. When they check it, it turns out that the treasure is buried under the house, not at sea. They dig up the treasure chest, open it, and find that it's filled with chocolate gold pieces.

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