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"Here they are. The Gates Family. They scrub up well for psychopaths. There's Garrett, his outcast-hating father, Ansel, and you must be Laurel. They're all long gone. So the question is, why did Goody lead me here?"
-Wednesday Addams about the Gates family

The Gates family was a rich family of normies living in Jericho. Descendants of the genocidal pilgrim Joseph Crackstone, the Gates hated outcasts and devoted themselves to their eradication.

That family appears in the Netflix Series Wednesday.


The Gates were the wealthiest and most influential family in the Jericho area. They were snobs, racists, and genocidaires. Direct descendants of Pilgrim Joseph Crackstone, the Gates hated the Outcasts and pursued Crackstone's dream of eradicating them. Ansel Gates and his wife therefore raised their two children, Garrett and Laurel, to hate the Outcasts so that they could one day eradicate them.

Known Members[]

Joseph Crackstone[]

Joseph Crackstone was a pilgrim living in the 1620s. He was a genocidal madman, supposedly killing in the name of God and thus hunting down the Outcasts. In 1625, he and several Pilgrims locked up and burned several Outcasts in the old building where they used to meet. However, one of the Outcasts, Goody Addams, escaped and then devoted herself fully to her revenge. Shortly after that, she killed Crackstone, cursed his soul, sealed him in a coffin, and placed a lock of her own blood on the tomb so that no one except one of her direct descendants could open it. Crackstone founded the city of Jericho shortly before his death.

Ansel Gates[]

Ansel Gates was the Gates' family head. He was a cruel, racist man who hated the Outcasts. In 1990, he ordered his son Garrett Gates to break into Nevermore Academy in order to poison the prom punch bowl, the Rave'N. However, Garrett fails and is killed. Ansel falls into depression and overdoses on alcohol, which proves fatal to him.

Mrs. Gates[]

Mrs. Gates was Ansel's wife and a direct descendant of Joseph Crackstone. She only plays a minor role in the series. After the death of her son Garrett, she committed suicide by hanging herself after suffering from depression.

Garrett Gates[]

Garrett was the eldest son of the Gates family. He was raised to hate the Outcasts, and in 1990, his father, Ansel, asked him to break into Nevermore Academy to poison the academy's prom punch bowl. However, Garrett was in love with the outcast, Morticia Frump. She was in a relationship with Gomez Addams, who was invited that evening by Larissa Weems. Garrett walks into the academy and sees Gomez kissing Morticia. This sparks a fight between Gomez and Garrett. The fight leads to one of the roofs under renovation at the academy. However, in the scuffle, Garrett breaks the vial of nightshade poison in his pocket and becomes infected. Garrett, who is dying, is about to kill Gomez, but Morticia grabs a sword and accidentally stabs him. Garrett then falls from the roof and crashes to the ground just as Larissa, seeing that her partner had not arrived, leaves the ball and walks across the yard with an umbrella due to the storm. When she sees the body fall, she screams and looks towards the roof, where she sees Gomez brandishing a bloody sword, as Gomez didn't want Morticia to go to jail.

Laurel Gates[]

Laurel was the Gates' youngest child. After the death of her entire family, she apparently drowns on a boat while being transferred to an orphanage overseas. However, she actually faked her death in order to return for revenge against the Outcasts, whom she deeply hates. She buys back the family mansion in ruins under the name of Teresa L. Glau, a 90-year-old woman, dyes her hair red, and renames herself Marilyn Thornhill. She gets hired as the first normie teacher at Nevermore Academy, which she hates and intends to destroy. She bides her time patiently, and when Wednesday Addams is about to be transferred to Nevermore, she targets Tyler Galpin, whom she knows is a Hyde. She reveals to him the species identity of his mother in order to unlock his Hyde and enslave him, then chains him in a cave in order to drug him so that he kills and brings back severed human parts, necessary for the resurrection of Joseph Crackstone. She will, however, be unmasked by Wednesday and Larissa. Marilyn panics, poisons Larissa, leaving her in an uncertain state, and kidnaps Wednesday. She passes the resurrection ritual and then accompanies Crackstone to Nevermore, where she is abruptly dismissed by the pilgrim. After Wednesday succeeds in destroying Crackstone, she is about to kill her, but a swarm of bees controlled by Eugene Ottinger rushes at her and attacks her. Wednesday appears to have knocked her out, and her fate remains unknown.


"But, throughout the centuries, my family has remained committed to Crackstone's mission. My brother died serving that cause."
-Marilyn Thornhill to Wednesday Addams[src]


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Wednesday series

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Wednesday series


  • Gates means Dweller by the gates.


  • The Gates are the sworn enemies of the Addams, due to their ancestor Goody Addams having killed Joseph Crackstone.
  • If their last member, Laurel, is indeed dead, that spells the end of the Gates.

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