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The Fester Way

The Fester Way is a song sung by Uncle Fester in the 1993 animated episode Fester Sings the Fester Way.


Listen up, folks to what I have to say
'Bout living your life the Fester way!
I ain't saying ain't 'cause it ain't good grammar,
So just make me happy and swing that old hammer!
Singing doot doot doot, I'm a hoot!
Oh, bop bop bop, I can't stop, oh yeah!
I got a pal named Norm; he lives next door.
He treats me like dirt 'til I come back for more!
He takes me on rides; he greets me with a club.
He threatens me daily; I guess you can call it love!
I've exploded! I've imploded! I've corroded!
I've been bloated! Oh yeah
I've rolled in the dirt, kept a monkey in my shirt...
Don't ask me why! I feel a dance coming on!
Oh hold me back
I got rhythm! Love that friction!
Oh, baby! Oh I can't help!
Ooh! Here's your thriller right here!
Well, I love my family, a fun-loving bunch;
They wake me at breakfast and bury me at lunch.
They're the most in this saga that is my life
Granny, the kids, my bro and his elegant wife...
'Cause I'm living life the Fester way!
There's only one way
Singing doot doot doot, I'm a hoot!
Oh, bop bop bop, I can't stop
Doot doot doot
Bop bop bop, oh control yourself
Doot doot doot, he's a hoot
Oh, bop bop bop, I can't stop
That's the Fester way and the only way!