The Circus Story is the eleventh episode of the 1973 animated series of The Addams Family.


The Addams Family are on their way to the Great Dismal Swamp for the Fungus Festival when they pass a roadside carnival. Pugsley and Wednesday convince Gomez to stop. Billed as "The Worst Show On Earth," owner Honest John explains that a rival circus is stealing his best workers, even half of the Siamese twins. While Gomez and the children tour the empty circus, a crowd forms to watch Uncle Fester and Ocho play badminton against Granny and Ali the alligator. Honest John hires the family and the crowds return to his carnival. When the Wrangling Bros. try to sabotage them, it backfires, wrecking their own circus. They give Honest John back his original performers and the Addamses continue down the road in their creepy camper.


Background Information

  • Wrangling Bros. is a spoof of Ringling Bros. Circus, "The Greatest Show on Earth."

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