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The Addams Family trading cards are a set of cards printed by Topps in 1991.


The set of 99 cards and 11 stickers features The Addams Family characters from the feature film. They were sold in packs of eight cards and one sticker for 55 cents, with 36 packs to a box.

Card Descriptions[]

  1. Title Card - "The family that decays together, stays together. Inspired by the some 1,300 darkly humorous cartoons draw by Charles Addams, The Addams Family stars Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams, Raul Julia as her husband, Gomez Addams; and Christopher Lloyd in the much-coveted role of Uncle Fester. Thing plays himself (and quite handily, too). The paramount release was produced by Scott Rudin and directed by Barry Sonnenfeld."
  2. Gomez - "Head of The Addams Family and the fastest foil in town, Gomez is a wild-eyed, mustachioed oddball with a passion for peculiar living. He adores cigars, golfing from rooftops, electric trainwrecks, just about anything French, and—best of all—his alluring wife, Morticia."
  3. Morticia - "In contrast to her hot-blooded husband Gomez, Morticia burns with cold fire. A glance from her ark, haunting eyes can inflame him; a word of French triggers spontaneous combustion. A simple house-wife at heart, Morticia devotes all her energy to giving the Addams homestead the cozy feeling of a family mausoleum—and her family appreciates her for it."
  4. Uncle Fester - "Gomez's older brother, Fester is a connoisseur of mayhem and bloodshed, and there's nothing he's fonder of than a good scab. Although his brother controlled the Addams' family affairs during Fester's 25-year absence, Fester is no slouch when it comes to taking charge. In fact, he normally maintains enough current in his body to light up a 500 watt bulb."
  5. Lurch - "Strong and silent, tall, dark and soulful-looking, Lurch is the treasured family servant of The Addams Family. Loyal to a fault, he is fond of the Addams' children as he is of his employers. He'd never let them leave for school without a good hot lunch — preferably one that's still moving."
  6. Granny - "Although her tongue can be as sharp as her kitchen knives, Granny is a beloved member of the family. She's a real cut-up too, and one of her favorite games is playing "lopped-off hand" with The Addams Family pet, Thing. Nobody serves up a plate of steaming entrails like the grande dame of the Addams household"
  7. Pugsley - "Pugsley is a typical American boy. He loves his pets—a floor-to-ceiling tank of man-eating fish—and his chemistry set, which he uses to perform horrific self-transformations. This hyperactive, maniacal youngster shows all the early signs that he's growing into a future public menace that will make his parents proud."
  8. Wednesday - "Somber Wednesday has inherited Morticia's lily-white complexion and raven's wing-colored hair—usually pulled neatly into braids—and also her mother's delight in the morbid. A miniature guillotine is one of her favorite toys, and much like Morticia's passion for lopping off the heads of her prize roses, Wednesday takes great pleasure in removing the heads of her best loved dolls."
  9. Thing - "Few families have as devoted a friend to lend a hand in all times of need. He may only have a palm and five fingers, but Thing has everything it takes to be an Addams. He's extremely expressive, communicating via a unique sign language only the family understands—it's all in the wrist."
  10. Seasonal Spirit - "It's that time of year again...and the Addams are doing their part to spread a little cheer. Lurch is especially proud of their holiday tree, decorated in a style befitting the Addams manor. And—what's that singing coming from outside? Carolers?!"
  11. Woe to the World - "Below, carolers continue to sing with self-righteous good cheer. Above, atop the roof of the Addams mansion: the entire family has gathered to gleefully pour a cauldron of bubbling, steaming pitch over the edge. Season's greetings!"
  12. The House That Addams Built - "Cast against a stark sky, this huge monument to the macabre seems almost alive. It's filled with hidden passageways, secret tunnels and carnivorous houseplants. Regardless of the weather outside, you're likely to find a constant ground cover of fog inside of the Addams abode."
  13. A Meeting of Minds - "In the Addams conservatory, Gomez sits at a table, playing chess with Thing while pondering the evening's seance. "For twenty-five years we've attempted to contact Fester in the great beyond," he laments. "I'm beginning to think my brother truly is lost.""
  14. The Sensual Snipper - "Morticia, snipping the blossoms off her roses, tries to cheer up a decidely depressed Gomez. "Imagine, Darling, if Fester did come back. Half-alive, barely human, as a rotting shell..." Gomez looks at her lovingly and grins. "Don't tease.""
  15. Off to School… - "Gomez joins Morticia out front, wistfully watching the departing school bus. Tires smoking, the bus strains to chug down the road. Gleefully hanging from the rear bumper is Pugsley, dragging his heels. "They grow up so fast, don't they?" Gomez comments philisophically."
  16. Tully Pays a Call - "Visiting the mansion is embittered, middle-aged Tully Alford, who's been the Addams family lawyer for years. Desperate times have led to desperate measures for Mr. Tully; he's a gambler who owed a great deal of money..."
  17. Care for a Bite? - "Tully stalks glumly along the hall and past the family portraits while heading toward the imposing doors of Gomez's study. On the floor lies a bear rug, eyes and mouth open. It promptly bites Tully, clamping its jaws onto his trouser cuff as he flais, dancing around in a pathetic effort to shake it off."
  18. En Garde! - "Gomez leaps out of his study, brandishing a saber while hurling another at Tully. He misses. The visitor back-pedals and, as he pulls out the embedded sword from the wall, points to something at the far end of the room. As Gomez turns to look, Tully charges. But lightning-fast Gomez parries the blow. "Dirty pool, old man! I like it!"
  19. Touché! - "The deranged duel continues. Gomez, sensing victory, carelessly flings away his saber. Perched on a decorative samurai helmet, Thing plucks the sword from the air and dutifully resheathes it. Poor Tully, his jacket shredded, lies ruined on the floor."
  20. Lord and Monster - "Gomez disappears behind a revolving bookcase, on his way to the Addams vault to fetch the monthly expenses. The book "Greed" triggered this procedure. But when Tully pulls another book from approximately the same location, nothing happens. He opens the cover—and a hurricane blast of wind blows his hair straight up! The book, of course, is. "Gone With the Wind"."
  21. Abigail's Offspring - "Abigail Craven is one of the people to whom Tully owes money, and she firmly believes that you can get blood from a stone. One day, at Tully's office, she sics her monstrous son Gordon on him. Before the dead-beat lawyer can react, Gordon has him by the throat, hanging him upside down from the wall like an oil painting!"
  22. A Geek Named Gordon - "Gordon's face hovers inches from Tully's. The glare from the light bulb hanging overhead whites out Gordon's hair—making him look as bald as a cue-ball. It's like a sudden vision...Gordon is the spitting image of Gomez's long-lost brother Fester! A mad scheme begins to gestate in Tully's fevered brain..."
  23. Electrical Storm Playtime - "The Addams mansion is silhouetted against the night sky as rain, thunder and a good deal of lightning engulf the grounds. On the roof, Pugsley and little Wednesday play with an old-fashioned television antenna, enjoying every death-defying moment of the raging storm."
  24. What a Lovely Night… - "..especially for a seance. Perhaps tonight, Gomez Addams' prayers will be answered and brother Fester will return from Beyond. Joining the family this fateful evening are Tully and his long-suffering wife Margaret, who'd much rather be home watching television."
  25. The Maddest Scheme - "Abigail instructs her son on the fine art of impersonating Fester. "Just one week and out. You locate the vault and then we're gone—poof! Before they notice what's missing." What about Alford Tully? "We need him—for now. And later, we'll be miles away, and he'll take the rap." Gordon is impressed with mom's villainy. "You're so good.""
  26. Gate Extends a Welcome - "To get on the Addams property, visitors must first get past the very tempermental Gate. This massive, wrought-iron construction has a mind of its own and has very strong feelings about what's best for the family. It only opens for the people it likes and attacks those it doesn't."
  27. Seance for Screwballs - "Tully, Margaret and the entire Addams family sit at a round table, Granny's crystal ball in the center. Behind them, Lurch plays mood music on the organ. Wednesday intones: "Let us ransom you from the power of the grave. Tonight, O Death, let us be your plague." In other words, if you're out there, Uncle Fester, give us a sign."
  28. Who's That Knockin'…?! - ""I feel that he's near..." Granny announces. "Fester Addams, gather your strength and knock three times!" Indeed, mysterious knocking reverberates through the house. Jubilant, Gomez springs to his feet just as Lurch hits a crescendo on the organ perfectly punctuating the moment. "He's at the door!""
  29. Egad! It's Fester Addams! - "Family at his heels, Gomez eagerly pulls open the front door. There before him stands Gordon—"Fester" from Beyond. Gordon's head is completely shaved, and his clothing and pallor are perfectly in character. The exact resemblance is nothing short of shocking. Gomez throws open his arms and smothers his beloved "brother" in an embrace."
  30. Semi-Safe at Home - "Morticia shows Fester to his room, then opens his trunk and begins to unpack for him. Alarmed that she'll stumble upon his true identity, Gordon watches as she methodically removes his burglary equipment. "A crowbar ... dynamite ... cyanide ... Fester! As if we'd run out.""
  31. Festering Memories - "Familiarizing himself with Fester's history, the disguised Gordon examines two photographs in a hand-tooled leather frame on the bureau. Imprinted below the face of the beautiful girl on the left is the name Flora, below the beautiful girl on the right is Fauna. It's clear that these two are identical twins."
  32. Early to Dead … - "Obviously moved, Gomez stands in Fester's room, watching his beloved brother sleep. Thing snoozes on fester's chest like a kitty cat. Finally, Gomez gently lifts him and tucks him into the pocket of his smoking jacket..."
  33. Handy Around the Kitchen - "It's another glorious morning in the Addams household. Thing, handy as always in the kitchen, assists Granny and Lurch in preparing breakfast as Uncle Fester makes ready for his first real meal with the family..."
  34. A Feast for Fester - "The family eats breakfast in the subterranean kitchen, walls sweating and smoke crawling along the floor. Always the perfect hostess, Morticia gives Fester an elaborate pewter place setting with a dragon motif, obviously saved for honored guests."
  35. The Little One Suspects - ""Sleep well?" asks Morticia. "Like the dead." Fester replies. This surprises brother Gomez. "Really?" You used to toss and turn all night. We had to chain you to the bedposts!" Fester had no idea a simple exchange could be so fraught with pitfalls. Most suspicious of all is little Wednesday, who gazes levelly at her "uncle"."
  36. Greed Triggers It … - "Once again in the den, Gomez reaches for a book. Fester is right there with him as a familiar old volume is pulled from the bookcase. They read the title—"Greed"—and share a smile. Seconds later the revolving bookcase swings open. Fester eagerly follows Gomez inside..."
  37. Vault Trek - "Buried deep in the mansion's bowels is the legendary Addams Family vault. It's reachable only by gondola, after a perilous trek that takes Gomez and Fester through secret chambers, multiple choice tunnel passages, and across dangerous underground canyon ledges."
  38. The (Weird) Way We Were - "Inside the outer treasure room of the Addams vault, Gomez cheerfully runs old home movies on a creaking projector.. He and Fester sit in side-by-side armchairs with the stuffing coming out. They smoke cigars and drink brandy as their peculiar past unspools..."
  39. Boys Will Be Ghouls - "Gomez and Fester wax nostalgic as they watch home movies of their carefree youth. They see themselves as youngsters, shark fins strapped to their backs, sneaking around a corner towards a swimming pool crowded with kids. Later they're Boy Scouts, caged for misdeeds. It's just one magical, maniacal memory after another..."
  40. Pugsley on the Hotseat - "In the attic, Wednesday straps Pugsley's arms and legs into an electric chair. Then she pushes a button, and the lights on the chair flash on. The entire mechanism hums and vibrates threateningly as a nonchalant Pugsley sits, and waits..."
  41. Shocking Experiment - ""Children—what are you doing?" asks Morticia, seeing Pugsley strapped to the chair. "I'm going to electrocute him," responds Wednesday, knowing full well that the family is late for a charity auction. Like most loving parents trying to be stern with their kids, Morticia finally grins and gives in. In no time the sound of sizzling high voltage fills the room."
  42. Bidding Wars - "An amused Granny and wednesday watch as poor Margaret Tully is caught in an ancient, jewelled and apparently priceless fingertrap which the family has generously donated to the charity auction. Mouths drop as Gomez and Morticia bid on the item, in spite of the fact that they already own it."
  43. The Imposter… Snagged! - "Returning home from the charity auction with the family, Fester gets his fingers stuck in the fingertrap and innocently asks how to remove it. Gomez shares a suspicious look with Wednesday, then leans forward and, eyebrows knitted, frowns at Fester. Has he seen through Gordon's disguise at last?"
  44. Loco Motorman - "In the Addams dining room, an electric train races through the remains of s trip-mined mountain terrace. "How do you take it off?" snaps Gomez, recalling Fester's question. "That's absurd! That fingertrap was a party favor at his tenth birthday!" Gomez demonically starts a second train, setting it on a sure collision course with the first."
  45. On Trouble's Track - "Puffing black smoke, the model trains race towards one another, toward the inevitable collision. His emotions churning like the locomotive wheels, Gomez rants to a sympathetic Thing. "Fester wore that fingertrap for two years! Mother had to teach him to eat with his feet!""
  46. Granny's Strange Brew - "As gomez choreographers disasters with his model trains, Granny whips up a late snack in the kitchen. No one can lay a finger on Granny when it comes to gourmet cooking. If they did, she'd probably put it in the stew."
  47. Look Before You, Lurch - "Lurch is sitting up in his too-small bed, wearing his nightshirt and cap. He is sewing a button on a shirt—a gentle giant if ever there was one. The chug of the electric trains now shakes the entire house. Lurch's needle slips from the noise, and he pricks his finger. He then sucks on the finger, looking troubled..."
  48. Deadtime Stories - "In Pugsley's room, Morticia is seated on the bed; she has a family photo album on her lap. The children, in pajamas, sit beside her. "Is that Father, when he was little?" asks Pugsley, pointing at a picture. "Yes," answers Morticia, also pointing. "And that's Uncle Fester. They're at a birthday party. See the fire trucks?""
  49. Hobbies…A Bad Sign! - "The model trains whistle at full blast, shrieking in warning as they round Dead Man's Curve, heading for each other. From inside one of the trains, a little passenger looks out. He passes Gomez still raving, almost to the boiling point. Finally, the trains collide! Metal rends. Smoke and fumes! Morticia shakes her head. "Hobbies.""
  50. Tanks Alot! - "On his way to the vault, Fester randomly yanks one of the nearby chains. Unfortunately, the chain yanks back, pulling the counterfeit cretin straight upwards. With a screech of pulleys and gears, he is rocketed toward a narrow gap in the ceiling. Soon after, Uncle Fester whooshes through the floor-to-ceiling piranha tank in Pugsley's room, taking an unexpected trip to...?"
  51. A Walk in the Cemetery - "A coal chute set in the side of the house drops open, depositing the soaked, disoriented Fester at the feet of Morticia. Silhouetted by the full moon, she stands regally above him. "Sleepless night? Walk with me, Fester..." She turns and glides away. Fester has no choice but to follow..."
  52. Proud Heritage - "Morticia leads Fester into the chill of the cemetery, and they follow a path that winds among the elaborate tombstones of the Addams dead. Gomez's golfballs are everywhere—on the grounds, in the statues' upturned hands, in their open mouths. As they pass them, Morticia pridefully points out various monuments and Fester is flustered, certain that she suspects he's a fraud."
  53. What About “Plan B”? - "The next morning, a panic-stricken Fester is on the phone with Abigail, hunched over, his eyes darting to make sure no one overhears. Pugsley runs up to him with two bottles of poison. Fester, vaguely impatient, point to one. The boy nods and"
  54. Comforting House Call - "Just when all seems lost for Gordon and Abigail, the famous and reputable Dr. Pinder-Schloss (Abigail in disguise) shows up at the Addams mansion and convinces everyone that Fester is the genuine article. Relieved, Gomez is suddenly jubilant again."
  55. The Joys of Gangrene - "Fester is seated on a leather couch; Pugsley and Wednesday are snuggled up on either side. they are all looking at an enormous, ancient book which Fester holds open in his lap. The title reads "Wounds, Scars and Gouges:. They turn a page and Fester's face lights up: "Look, children—a new chapter! Scabs.""
  56. Hacking and Slicing - "Pugsley and Wednesday practice an energetic duel in preparation for tonight's school play, which happens to be "Hamlet". "O villain, villain smiling damned villain!" attones Wednesday. "If I must strike you dead, I will!" Upon overhearing this, Fester gets a genuine gleam in his eye. "Bloodshed!""
  57. An Uncle's Advice - "Fester hurries back to the top of the staircase and looks down into the front hall, where, swords drawn, duelling, Wednesday backs Pugsley in. The kids continue to thrust and parry, hack and slice, until Pugsley finally runs Wednesday through. She staggers, the falls "dead". Fester suddenly jumps into the fray. "No! No! Gimme that sword...""
  58. Aim for a Major Artery! - ""Haven't you ever slaughtered anyone?" Fester snaps taking the sword from Pugsley. Wednesday refers to her brother solemnly. "He's only a child." "No excuse," replies Fester, pointing the sword at his little nieve's throat. "Aim for the major artery. The jugular." Wednesday agrees: "That's what I said.""
  59. Tonight's the Night - "An angry Abigail repremands Gordon for getting too close with The Addams Family. Tonight, when everyone's at the school play, they intend to penetrate the vault and make off with the family's fortune. But, for the first time, Fester finds himself at cross-purposes..."
  60. Brotherly Love - "Convinced that the bald-headed hulk is indeed his brother Fester, Gomez throws his arms around Gordon once again for the traditional Adams Family embrace. And, once again, Gordon endures it."
  61. Fore! - "Fester joins an overjoyed Gomez for a game of roof golf. Beaming, Gomez gazes down into the cemetery. It is morbid and magnificent in the moonlight. "The primeval ooze. Quicksand. Fumes. Toxic waste. It's all ours, Fester. You belong here, old man!""
  62. Excellent, My Man! - "Gomez holds out his hand. Thing is there with a golf club, and Gomez passes the club to Fester. Thing supplies his master with another club. The two brothers hit golfballs off the roof, way over the cemetery, into the darkness. In the distance, one can hear the sound of a window breaking..."
  63. The Ghouls in School - "The Addams Duesenberg pulls up in front of the school building. Bystanders eye this strange and wondrous automobile. Lurch steps out of the car, and opens the rear door, with great ceremony. As shocked locals gape, the family steps out of the vehicle and into the school building, as if attending the Academy Awards."
  64. Horrors of Hamlet - "Pugsley and Wednesday, in their colorful costumes, draw to the climax of their scene from "Hamlet". In a fatal blow, Pugsley slashes his sister's jugular. She makes horrible gurgling noises and blood spurts in arterial squirts. The audience sits perfectly still, jaws agape, deep in shock..."
  65. A Kiss Before Spying - "Fester's touches in direction have made "Hamlet" a smashing success...with The Addams Family, anyway. Now devoted friends, Fester tucks little Wednesday into bed and kisses her on the forehead. She holds out her headless doll, and Fester kisses the doll's empty neck. Finally, Wednesday holds out the doll's severed head. Fester kisses it, too."
  66. All Wrapped Up - "The following morning in the Addams conservatory, Lurch sweeps up. Among the various plants, he comes upon Abigail—tightly wrapped in a plant cocoon. Lurch growls. So much for Abigail's evening raid on the family vault!"
  67. Gordon's Turmoil - "Fester does his best to cover for Abigail, and is once again scolded for becoming emotionally involved with the Addams clan. "They're not your family, Gordon. I am. They don't love you. I do. They're evil and corrupt and degraded. I can give you that.""
  68. Night of the Big Bash - "To celebrate the return of Fester, Gomez and Morticia decide to throw a gala party in classic Addams style. The guest of honor remains frozen in the center of the fabulous ballroom, overwhelmed by the grandeur. "A party...for!" And what's a party without Granny Frump's culinary delights!"
  69. Granny's Goodies - "Armed with only the finest entrails, Granny invades Fester;s party. In the ballroom, a small orchestra plays a fractured waltz. Gomez and Morticia, resplendent now in their party clothes, dance among The Addams Family relatives who have arrived to join in the celebration. Also on hand are Tully and dizzy, disoriented Margaret..."
  70. The Addams Assemble - "Talk about colorful guests. The Addams Family tree is loaded with unique representatives of humanity...and other species. And, of course, the Addams' friends are equally appealing to the eye. The one characteristic they all have in common is they love an excuse to get together and dance. A dance macabre, one might say."
  71. Waltzing Weirdos - "Morticia wears a formal version of her black sheath, while Gomez cuts a dapper picture in black velvet lounging pajamas, smoking jacket and fez. "Tish—how long has it been since we've waltzed?" "Oh, Gomez...hours!" With that, they're off and dipping..."
  72. The Oddest Couple - "The front door opens, and Lurch appears. He looks out; his face lights up as he sees a new's none other than Cousin It, driving up in his bubble-topped Itmobile! Meanwhile, back in the ballroom, Wednesday dances with Lumpy Addams and Morticia approaches them. "Wednesday darling, could you run upstairs and check on your uncle?""
  73. Beside Herself Again! - "Lurch escorts Flora and Fauna Amor, the twins from Fester's old photograph, into the ballroom. He takes their wraps revealing that they are, in fact, a pair of Siamese twins. Twenty-five years later, they still look quite beautiful...and quite mad."
  74. Meet Dexter and Donald - "And the cousins keep coming. There's Ophelia Addams, who looks like a Tennessee Williams heroine just fished out of the Mississippi...toad-like Slosh Addams, dancing with his child-sized wide Lois...and the remarkable Donald and Dexter Addams, a two headed cousin in matching turtlenecks."
  75. Romanced by Cousin It - "Cousin It, Ladies' Man of the Addams clan, is a hairball in a homburg, who gleeps and squeaks in a language the family has no trouble understanding. He pauses for a moment, to survey the ballroom, then his eyes fall upon...Margaret Tully!"
  76. Another Close Shave - "The pipes in Fester's bathroom groan loudly as scalding water floods the sink. Abigail shaves the back of her son's head with a straight razor. "You'll make your appearances, then slip away from the party..." "How?" Fester wonders. "I'm the guest of honor." Just then the door opens and Wednesday peeks inside..."
  77. After Wednesday! - "Wednesday overhears Fester and Abigail plotting in the bathroom. "You are a fake! I knew it!" She dashes into her own room, throws open a trap door in the floor and disappears down it, pulling the door closed behind her. Fester is heartbroken; Abigail is livid."
  78. Siamese, If You Please - "Gomez approaches Flora and Fauna Amor, shielding his eyes. "I cannot see! I'm blinded by beauty!" Inseparable and eternally insanely jealous of each other, the flame-haired femme fatales now turn to Morticia. "Flora, Fauna, how can I compete? You're twice the woman I am.""
  79. Dancing the Mamushka - "Morticia, Granny, and all the Addams women rap out a stirring martial beat on tambourines. "The Mamushka!" Gomez announces, carrying five gleaming scimitars. He begins to circle around baffled Fester, then throws the scimitars straight up, high into the air, and begins juggling them..."
  80. Uncle Fester's Triumph - "Fester looks up to see all five scimitars, dropping fast, coming straight at him. Panicking, he, two, three, four—two in each hand, his hands are full. He opens his mouth to scream...and the fifth scimitar drops straight in! He swallows it to the hilt. Elated, The Addams mob cheers lustily..."
  81. Little Girl Found - "Wednesday is missing! Gomez rallies his family for the search. Morticia wears a black cloak. Granny has grabbed her divining rod. Pugsley helps his dad unroll an ancient map of the area. Lurch distributes torches, and eventually Gomez discovers his little girl asleep in a stone sarcophagus and Lurch carries her home."
  82. Barred from Their Mansion - "When The Addams Family tries to return to their mansion, they find Gate rattling miserably on his hinges, locked tight with heavy chains and yellow police tape. On the other side is Tully, who announces that he has a restraining order. The house now belongs to the eldest living descendant, the older of the brothers—Fester Addams!"
  83. Thing's Things - "Thrown out of their own house, The Addams Family members troop to the car with their few possessions. Morticia carries out Cleo, her carnivorous plant. Granny carries her favorite cauldron, Wednesday one of her marie Antoinette dolls, Pugsley his chemistry set. Thing follows, dragging a toy wagon packed with his rings, his glove..."
  84. Motel from Hell - "For the time being, The Addams Family takes refuge in a tacky bungalow. With an icepick and a hammer, Morticia deftly makes a large spidery crack in the dressing table mirror. Sighing deeply, she stands back to admire her handiwork and is joined by Granny. "I like it.""
  85. Funked-Out Gomez - "Morticia tries to comfort her husband. "Just as long as we're together, n'est pas, mon cher?" Poor Gomez sits slumped in a chair. It's as if all of his insane, vibrant energy has been drained from him. He's a shadow of his former self. He looks back at Morticia as if he's never heard French."
  86. A Soapy Snack - "Pugsley emerges from the bathroom, nibbling a wrapped bar of motel soap. "This place isn't so bad. They even put candy in the bathroom." Morticia patiently explains: "That's the soap, dear." With that, he takes another greedy bite."
  87. Doing Their Part - "Pugsley and Wednesday have set up a lemonade stand outside the bungalow, their contribution to the Addams' financial well-being. An array of poisons are lined up on their rickety little table. They've slashed their prices to a nickel per cup, and the pitcher in front of the steams. Cars, not surprisingly, speed by."
  88. A Simple Exchange - "Pugsley offers Lurch a cup of punch; he downs it. Feeling the effects of the lemonade, the butler burps—a tongue of flame shoots from his mouth and incinerates a nearby wooden indian. Later, the kids negotiates with a prissy little girl in a Girl Scout uniform, who carries several boxes of cookies. Asks Wednesday: "Are they made from real girl scouts?""
  89. Shot from the Coal Chute - "Back at the Addams mansion, midway to the vault, three hands reach up to pull three of the countless chains. Moments later the coal chute on the side of the house drops open, dumping out Fester, Abigail and Tully—all of them wet and bedraggled. Abigail snarls at her son. "You're doing this on purpose!""
  90. Wheel of Misfortune - "Morticia, having returned to the mansion to reason with Abigail, finds herself stretched out on a torture rack. She turns to her captor. "You are a desperate woman, consumed by greed and infinite bitterness. We could have been such friends." But Abigail doesn't think so. "The vault, Mrs. Addams—any thoughts?""
  91. Thing Spills the Beans - "Thing skitters on the kitchen counter, getting Gomez's attention. "Slow down, Thing! It's terrible when you stutter!" Frustrated, Thing grabs a spoon and begins tapping out morse code: "Morticia in danger...stop! Send help at once...stop!" Thing flops down in exhausted triumph, only to be grabbed by Gomez who heads for the mansion..."
  92. Tully's Last Stand - "About to be tortured for information, Morticia turns to her former lawyer. "Tully Alford—charlatan. Deadbeat. Parasite. How Gomez adored you." "Well, not enough," retorts Tully, unimpressed. Just then, Gomez crashes through the window, in a dramatic back-flip. Tully grabs a saber, approaching the heroic rescuer from behind..."
  93. Gomez to the Rescue! - "Gomez attacks, his blade flashing like lightning. In a blur of action, Tully's sword is knocked from his hand and he's sent tumbling backwards, finally landing on his knees. He looks up at Gomez with cowardly, pleading eyes. "'s Tully. I'm your lawyer. I'm on retainer.""
  94. One False Move… - "Turning the tide, Abigail aims a pistol at Morticia, forcing Gomez to throw aside his weapon. He's instructed to open the revolving bookcase and escort everyone to the vault. About to remove the proper book—"Greed"—Gomez is suddenly stopped by Fester. "No tricks, Gomez! That's the wrong book! Allow me...""
  95. Storm Warning! - "Gomez looks into his brother's eyes—realizing what he's about to do. Fester reached for a different book: "Hurricane Irene" Nightmare from Above", aims it and opens the cover. Instantly Tully is blasted out of the window! Fester desperately tries to close the book and quell the storm, but a huge bolt of lightning zaps him..."
  96. Their Happiest Halloween - "Everything back to normal, the family is busily decorating the house for their annual Halloween festivities. Uncle Fester and Thing are draping the banisters and stairway railings with a garland made from crepe paper, dead branches and Spanish moss. A banner on the wall reads "HAPPY HALLOWEEN", and the letters drip with blood..."
  97. Margaret's New Boyfriend - "Would you believe...Margaret and Cousin It as Trick-Or-Treat? Margaret's dressed as a fairy princess, wand in hand. Cousin It wears a cowboy hat, a bandana and a holster. Away from Tully's criminal influence, Margaret is radiant, obviously very much in love!"
  98. Uncle Fester Lights Up - "Granny turns to Fester. "Thank God for that lightning. Knocked some sense into you." Hearing that, Pugsley runs over to his uncle. "Please, Uncle Fester!" Everyone exchanges knowing grins. Fester stands up, pops a light bulb into mouth lights! Fester is truly Fester once again!"
  99. A Happy, Haunted Home - ""Oh, Tish—what a night. Everyone—together at last. What more could we ask?" wonders Gomez. Morticia holds up the garment she's been knitting—it's a baby jumper with three legs. "Cara it true?" Gomez asks ecstatically. "Oui, mon cher..." And as they embrace, a wolf howls in the distance and wispy ghosts flit through the night sky. All is well..."


  • On the 14th card, decidedly is spelled decidely.
  • On the 14th card, philosophically is spelled philisophically.
  • On the 72nd card, Cousin Itt is spelled Cousin It.

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