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The Addams Family trading cards are a set of trading cards printed by Donruss in 1964.


The set of 66 cards features The Addams Family characters from the original television series. Cards, plus a slab of bubble gum, were sold in packs for five cents, with 24 packs to a box. The wax paper wrapper has a view of The Addams Family Mansion. The front of each card features a scene from the show and a caption. Each back is a puzzle piece, and when all 66 are properly arranged, they form a giant photo of the family.

While most cards only feature the main Addams Family characters, the few that show guest stars have their faces altered, presumably to avoid having to pay those actors.

A Canadian version of the set also exists, with the words "Printed in the USA" stamped below the picture.

  1. "Gomez"
  2. Somebody Drank My Embalming Fluid!
  3. Feeding the Tropical Fish!
  4. Will the Real Granny Please Stand Up!
  5. You Rang?
  6. I Always Look Better By Candlelight.
  7. I'm Your New Neighbor!
  8. Ever Seen a Train in Orbit?
  9. Of Course I Play the Piano!
  10. This Will Stop His Headache!
  11. My Brother-in-Law!
  12. Only 3 More and the Cemetery Is Full
  13. Next Time-Use Your Zip Code!
  14. Want Some lizard Soup?
  15. Your Slab Will Be Ready in a Moment
  16. I Really Dig You Morticia
  17. Got Any Ghostly Numbers
  18. Which One?
  19. Fester
  20. Don't Move, You'll Spoil My Shot!
  21. Here He Comes... Now Do Your Stuff!
  22. Yes, We Have a Room for Rent!
  23. I Can't Stand a Lumpy Mattress!
  24. I Always Use Live Bait!
  25. My Own Graveyard!
  26. He'll Get the Point Now!
  27. Your Kids Ate My Spiders
  28. A Few More and We'll Have Our Own Boot-Hill
  29. Yes, the Real Estate Is Getting Cheaper!
  30. Of Course I Ride a Broom!
  31. Its So Nice and Gloomy In Here!
  32. What Do You Mean-Get a Receipt?
  33. What'll I Wear for Halloween?
  34. A Friend of Lurch
  35. I Always Play in Poison Ivy!
  36. "Thing"
  37. Just Think, Our First Dead Letter
  38. Let's Tell Scary Stories
  39. The African Strangler
  40. It Only Hurts When I Cough!
  41. Two Heads Are Always Better Than One
  42. It's Only the Monthly Bill from the Blood Bank
  43. Bury the Next One over There!
  44. "Morticia"
  45. Yea, Yea, Yea
  46. I Need a Real Hair-Raising Story
  47. He Saw Lurch!
  48. Look, No Dandruff!
  49. Weaving a Wig for Fester
  50. You're a Real Cut-Up Fester!
  51. My Favorite! Devil's Food Cake
  52. Whaddya Mean, I Need a Man's Deodorant?
  53. Son, Now Don't Scalp Fester!
  54. Get Their Vote (Dead or Alive)
  55. Gotta Be Sharp for Company
  56. I Won't Be Home for Dinner!
  57. Lurch Lowers the Body so Beautifully
  58. Let's Eat Before He Wakes Up.
  59. Come on in the Playroom and See Our Guillotine
  60. What Do You Mean, Follow You?
  61. You've Never Heard of Guillotine
  62. Hang Around and I'll Call the Butler!
  63. Go Past the Second Grave and Turn Right
  64. House for Sale: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, Dungeon. Call Horror 1-3786
  65. The Family Hearse
  66. Quit Shaking the Coffin


  • "Morticia" is misspelled "Mortica" on cards 16 and 44.

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