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The Addams Family trading cards are a set of trading cards printed by Donruss in 1964.

The set of 66 cards features The Addams Family characters from the original television series. Cards, plus a slab of bubble gum, were sold in packs for five cents, 24 packs to a box. The wax paper wrapper has a view of The Addams Family Mansion. The front of each card features a scene from the show and a caption. Each back is a puzzle piece, and when all 66 are properly arranged, they form a giant photo of the family.

While most cards only feature the main Addams Family characters, the few cards that show guest stars have those faces altered, presumably to avoid having to pay those actors.

A Canadian version of the set also exists, with the words "Printed in the USA" stamped below the picture.


Card Fronts

Card Backs


  • "Morticia" is misspelled "Mortica" on cards 16 and 44.

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