The Addams Family in Pop Culture

The unique point of view and distinctive characters of The Addams Family have long made them fodder for spoofs and satires in all forms of pop culture media. Some examples of others delving into the ookiness:


Af pop the argyle sweater

The Argyle Sweater

Scott Hilburn's strip of 5 Aug 2010 features a gag about Thing and Gomez.








The Cleveland Show

  • Thing appears in the pilot episode when Cleveland talks about various "things."

Good Eats

  • "Send in the Clams" - When a hand reaches in to turn on the stove, Alton says "Thank-you, Thing."
  • "The Cookie Clause" - A hand holding a prop appears in the frame, but as it leaves, Santa calls "Thing" and gives him a wristwatch.
  • "Spice Capades" - When someone off-camera hands host Alton Brown an ingredient and only their hand is seen, Alton says "Thank-you, Thing."
  • "Behind the Eats" - Alton discusses his affinity for The Addams Family and the frequent references to Thing, then claims the hand is his show is really Thing's son and displays said hand inside a trunk decorated as a tiny apartment.
  • "Stew Romance" - Again, a hand appears from off-camera holding what Alton calls "Thing's ingredient of the day."
  • "American Classics III" - A hand from off-screen takes Alton's garlic bulb and hands him a bowl of peeled garlic cloves and he says "Thank-you, Thing."
  • "Waiter, There's a Fish in My Soup" - A hand from off-screen gives Alton a note and he says "Thank-you, Thing."
  • "Turn on the Dark" - Alton threatens a hand holding a seltzer bottle, calling it Thing.

Good Eats: The Return

  • "Every Grain Old Is New Again" - When a hand inside the refrigerator hands Alton an ingredient, he says "Thak-you, Thing." Later, the hand brings him a note on a tray, and he thanks him again.

The Simpsons

  • "Treehouse of Horror IV" - In the closing credits of the episode the end music is spoofing the The Addams Family: Main Theme with the Simpsons theme song in it.
  • "Treehouse of Horror XVIII" - The same end music mashup plays.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?



  • Cousin Itt is a frequent target in the game of Props:

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