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The Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby
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"At this rate, if Pugsley rides Bones in the Derby, he'll ruin the good name of the Addams Family. It's not good form to win. Oh, what have I done?"
-Gomez about Pugsley

The Addams Family at the Kentucky Derby is the sixteenth and final episode of the 1973 animated series of The Addams Family.


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Plot Summary[]

For Pugsley's birthday, the Addams family goes to Kentucky to get him a horse. While in Kentucky, he picks a horse by the name of Bones, who is old and worn out. Granny made some food that Bones ate, which transformed Bones from worn-out to fast-running. After this happens, Pugsley rides him during the Kentucky Derby and wins.

Cast and Characters[]



There is no guest cast.

Additional Cast[]

  • Josh Albee as Voice
  • Howard Caine as Voice
  • John Carver as Voice
  • Pat Harrington Jr. as Voice
  • Bob Holt as Voice
  • Don Messick as Voice
  • Herb Vigran as Voice


There is no uncredited cast.

Other Characters[]



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"Well, I'm gonna be honest with you. What you're looking at is a pathetic, beat up, worn out old critter."
-Colonel Muldoon about Bones


  • In an animation goof, Morticia is shown with a third hand.

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