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"Wednesday Addams: I'm sorry I punched you in the eye, Harold.
Cecil B. Pomeroy: You? She must have hit him while his back was turned.
Gomez Addams: In the eye?"
-Wednesday, Cecil, and Gomez

The Addams Family Tree is the fifth episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 16 October 1964 on ABC.


After receiving a rather insulting treatment from the Pomeroys, the Addams' hire Mr. Pomeroy's genealogist to examine their lineage for ancestors they can boast about.

Plot Summary[]

Pugsley and Wednesday go to a friend's birthday party, but there is a small altercation when Harold Pomeroy says his family is better than theirs. This rivalry prompts Gomez to trace his family's ancestry. He hires Professor Simms to research his genealogy.

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There is no guest cast.

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"Gomez Addams: You'll have to challenge Pomeroy to a duel.
Uncle Fester: No, I'd rather shoot him in the back.
Morticia Addams: Uncle Fester! That is not the honorable way.
Uncle Fester: I know, but it's the safe way."
-Gomez, Uncle Fester, and Morticia

"Professor Simms: For a moment, I thought there might be some relationship to the New England Adamses, John and John Quincy.
Gomez Addams: People often assume that.
Morticia Addams: It's been a great source of embarrassment to us.
Gomez Addams: We spell our name with 2 "D"s. The additional "D" makes the difference."
-Professor Simms, Gomez and Morticia


  • Uncle Fester grabs his gun, Genevieve, with the intention of shooting Cecil B. Pomeroy in the back.
  • Despite Blossom Rock being credited, she only appears in the opening and the credits.

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