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The Addams Family Print Gallery is a software package from Hi Tech Expressions. It was released for DOS in 1991.


It is a designing and printing program that features clip art of The Addams Family characters from the 1992 animated series. On the back of the package, it reads:

"The Addams Family Print Gallery. Print Out Frightfully Fun Creations With The Addams Family. Now you can enjoy all of the world's First Family of Fright in this incredibly easy-to-use design and print program featuring Gomez, Morticia, Cousin Itt, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Wednesday, Pugsley, Granny, and all the rest—even Thing! With THE ADDAMS FAMILY PRINT GALLERY you can experience eerie, endless fun designing and printing your own posters, signs, party invitations, personalized stationery, colouring pages and more- including monster-sized banners! Add that offbeat Addams touch to any or all of you creations. Let a life-size poster of Lurch guard your bedroom door. Or Cousin Itt invite your friends to a Birthday Party. Or Uncle Fester lend some light to your homework assignments. there's no limit to what you can do. It's so much fun, it's scary! GREAT GHOULISH GRAPHICS: Make your creations as creepy as you like with one or all of the characters! 40 BATTY BORDERS: Pick just the right style to match your message! 7 TERRIFYING TYPEFACES with 21 Eerie Effects: Including bold, outline, italics, shadows and textures! CREEPY CALENDAR CREATOR: Design daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendars! Great for planning your day and special events. EERIE ORGANIZER: Keep track of all your tests, papers and school assignments. AWESOME ADDRESS BOOK: Store your friends' names, addresses, birthdays and other special information. WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get): The image that you see on screen is the image that you'll get from your printer. Built in Zoom feature lets you examine your designs in detail. NO JAGGED EDGES: You get smooth lines and curves no matter how big or small you make your designs! EASY TO USE GRAPHIC AND TEXT EDITING: Word graphics wrap, search and replace, color selection, graphics preview screen and other desktop publishing features. PRINT IN COLOR OR BLACK AND WHITE."


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