The Addams Family Meet the VIPs
Series The Addams Family (TV Series)
Season 1
Original Airdate November 27, 1964
Written by Keith Fowler and Phil Leslie
Director Sidney Lanfield


Gomez is playing Trainwreck, but feels he is in a rut. Morticia suggests taking a trip to someplace fun, like Tombstone or Death Valley, or inviting over Mr. Harris. Visiting dignitaries from an Iron Curtain country want to see a "typical" American family. Mr. Harris, the Government agent, is resistant to the idea. Mr. Haan insists, so they get out the phone book and randomly select a name. They land on the Addams' listing. Mr. Harris tries to dissuade them from visiting the Addams claiming that they're not normal. This further fuels the V.I.P.'s desire to visit the family. The V.I.P.'s assume the Addamses are the typical American family.

They visit the house and are intrigued to see Cleopatra, Morticia's carnivorous plant, Thing, another Trainwreck, Uncle Fester's ability to store electricity, Lurch, whom they assume is a robot, Tristan and Isolde devouring an entire breast of alligator in a second flat, and Pugsley's disintegrator gun. This makes Mr. Harris a nervous wreck, so Gomez has Lurch carry him to the Guest Room (though he actually takes him to the play room). Fester offers Mr. Harris his bed of nails to rest on, but after a short talk with Fester, Harris runs back to the VIPs. They conclude that Americans are highly advanced in science and technology. Mr. Klarpe makes a note of it and they make a report back home.


Background Information

Uncle Fester mentions that Pugsley's disintegrator gun is how they lost Cousin Creep.

Despite Blossom Rock and Lisa Loring being credited, they only appear in the opening and closing credits.

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Guest Stars

  • Stanley Adams as Ila Klarpe
  • Vito Scotti as Miri Haan
  • Frank Wilcox as Sam Harris


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