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The Addams Family Issue 3 is a Gold Key comic book from Western Publishing.

Published April, 1975, it features an adaptation of The Addams Family 1973 animated series' second episode, "Left in the Lurch". Using the same title, it follows the plot of the episode quite closely.


Lurch has told his pen pal in Nashville that he is a rock star. When Uncle Fester asks to go to the nearest used boneyard, which happens to be in Nashville, Lurch tries to sabotage the trip. Wednesday tells the rest of The Addams Family about Lurch's problem, and they agree to play along. Lurch gets himself arrested so he won't have to face her, but Gomez gets him onto the bill of a pop festival as the lead guitarist and vocalist for the group Freddie and The Frogs. The rest of the family plays the Frogs as Lurch lip syncs while Gomez sings, then feigns a vocal cord injury. The fickle pen pal no longer likes Lurch, and the family continues on their trip.