The Addams Family Issue 2

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The Addams Family Issue 2 is a Gold Key comic book from Western Publishing.

Published January, 1975, it features an adaptation of The Addams Family 1973 animated series' third episode, "The Addams Family in New York". Titled "Visit to Fun City", it follows the plot of the episode quite closely.


The Addams Family are vacationing in New York City, when con men offer to sell them the Museum of Natural History. Gomez buys it and finds a display featuring his great-great-great-great-grandfather, Van Dyke Addams, who helped buy Manhattan Island from the Indians. The con men then sell him Central Park. Wednesday wants to clean up all the litter but the park is so big, they free the animals from the zoo to help. The police come so Wednesday says they should hide all the animals in their camper. The con men try to break into the safe in the camper, but the animals foil their plan. When the police arrive, the Addamses are about to be placed into custody, but Gomez produces unexpected proof that he is in fact the rightful owner of Central Park. The park was bequeathed by Chief Powhattan to Van Dyke Addams and his heirs. Hearing their plans for swamps, toadstools and poison ivy, the policeman says he'll do anything if they'll leave. Wednesday and Pugsley make him promise that one day a week the animals can roam freely.

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