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"Uncle Fester: School? I never went to school and look how I turned out.
Morticia Addams: Uncle Fester, looks, charm and personality aren't everything."
-Uncle Fester and Morticia

The Addams Family Goes to School is the first episode of the first season of the original series of The Addams Family. It first aired 18 September 1964 on ABC.


A truant officer visits the Addams house to find out why Wednesday and Pugsley have never been to school.

Plot Summary[]

When the school board realizes that the Addams children, Wednesday and Pugsley, are ages six and eight but not yet enrolled in school, they send the truant officer, Mr. Hilliard, to convince Gomez and Morticia to send them.

Wednesday lets Mr. Hilliard inside and shows him Bruno, Pierre, Cousin Farouk, Marie Antoinette, and other oddities. Pugsley arrives and asks her to play with him in the cemetery, burying Marie, so she brings Hilliard to the conservatory where Morticia is tending Cleopatra and her other plants. Morticia tells Mr. Hilliard to speak to Gomez and rings for Lurch to bring him there.

Gomez is playing Trainwreck. He says Mama is in charge of education and takes him to the Guest Room, where she's playing darts with Uncle Fester. Along the way, Gomez shows him Wednesday's box of pedigreed spiders. When he reaches the Guest Room and sees Fester and Mama's dart game, throwing knives at a devil statue, he runs screaming from the house. Nevertheless, Sherwood School insists the children be enrolled.

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"Morticia, you can't send the children to school, I'd be lost without them!"
-Gomez to Morticia


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