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The Addams Family Game is a board game released in 1964 by Ideal.


"The moon, half hidden behind dark gray clouds, casts weird shadows around the Addams Mansion. It is a perfect night for the Addams Family to go on their annual midnight picnic at the nearby cemetery. The only trouble is that the family is scattered all over the house. You must have them meet in front of the house so that they can all leave together."[1]


It features characters from the original television series.


  • Game board
  • Spinner
  • Family Cards (4 sets of each character)
  • Plastic marks (4 sets of each color)
  • "Thing" Cards


Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Wednesday, Pugsley, Lurch, and Grandmama all have spots available. Each player moves their piece along the game board until they reach the victory square. A spinner controls movement, and there are points along each path where drawing additional cards adds both positive and negative outcomes.


The objective of the game is to get all four Addams Family members to the front of the house.[1]


Separate the pieces from the game platform. Take the "Thing" cards and shuffle them. After the "Thing" cards have been shuffled, place them face down in the center of the board. The players then have to select 7 markers of the same color. The players then place one of their markers on each of the start positions (multicolored arrows). Then, each player gets a set of Family Cards and puts them nearby.

How to win[]

To win, one player has to get four of their markers to the center of the board.


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