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The Addams Family Fun-House was a 1973 musical variety show.

In late 1972, ABC produced a pilot for a musical variety show, written by Jack Riley and Liz Torres. Viacom Enterprises received funding from 42 stations to fund production of the pilot, but did not enlist enough help to launch it as a regular series.[1] The pilot aired in 1973 and 1974, mostly on the stations that provided funding.[2]


The cast featured Jack Riley and Liz Torres as Gomez and Morticia, and included Stubby Kaye as Uncle Fester, Pat McCormick as Lurch, Noelle Von Sonn as Wednesday Addams, Butch Patrick (who had played Eddie Munster in The Munsters) as Pugsley and Felix Silla as Cousin Itt.

Jim Nabors was the pilot's guest star.


The musical director was Bob Alberti.[3]