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The Addams Family 2 is an animated film featuring The Addams Family and a sequel to the 2019 film. It was released 1 October 2021 both in theaters and on VOD.


Wednesday is invited to the school science fair. Her family is there, watching her. She is confident about her project. She uses Uncle Fester as a sample, mixing DNA with Socrates. Fester eats everything. Wednesday gave him a Rubik's Cube without the DNA, and he ate it, but with the DNA mixed, he didn't eat it. She sees the other kids' projects and thinks they're lame. The graduation begins, and she thought she was winning, but the announcer says, "As long as you tried, you get a prize!" It makes Wednesday ask, "How will you win if nobody is losing?" Everybody ignores that, with the science fair going out of control, and so her family goes home with her.

Fireflies fly over some tombstones and over to Wednesday's window for her to put in a jar. Wednesday is with Socrates in her room, where she has stuffed toy dolls of her family, and she encourages them to turn heads, starting with Pugsley. She twists the doll, and it makes Pugsley's head twist really hard too. Fester comes to visit Pugsley, asking if love hurts; he saw him swinging horribly with the ladies at the science fair, so he suggests to Pugsley that he read his new book called The Fester Method How to Woo and Other Tips on Love. Fester explains his book has been self-published online, but it's not easy to do; he's been on three first dates, asking who else has that kind of experience. Grandmama blows the horn, calling the kids and everyone downstairs for dinner. Fester smacks Pugsley with the pillow and runs down when an octopus tentacle appears, making him trip and fall down the stairs, roll towards a wardrobe, and fall through a ceiling coffin when he reaches the dinner table, joining Gomez and Morticia.

Morticia, Gomez, and Fester sit at the dinner table, waiting for the kids. Fester suggests that they shouldn't wait on Pugsley since he's got a lot of homework too. Gomez suggests that they should at least wait for Wednesday until Ichabod delivers a message to them explaining that she won't be attending dinner, as she doesn't want to hear the compliments they have for her performance. Gomez decides to go try talking to her, but the note says she doesn't want him talking to her. When Wednesday and Pugsley don't come to dinner, their parents worry about them. Gomez thinks the family isn't close enough, so he comes up with the idea of them all taking a 3-week road trip all around America. They take out the old Addams Camper to travel in, but Wednesday doesn't seem to find it satisfying. Gomez tells Wednesday it's time to go and do some family bonding, whether she likes it or not. He shows them around the interior of the camper, which will bring them all closer than ever before. She responds, "Or there will be no survivors." Before they leave, a strange-looking man known for himself as a lawyer named Mustela comes to them, saying, "A girl here named Wednesday Addams was switched with another baby when she was born; the father found her and decided to take DNA from her to see if she was his daughter." The parents say that Wednesday is an Addams and start the trip.

The Addams Family leaves Grandmama in charge while they're away but decides to throw a party like the house says and decides to make money. The family has already started their vacation, and Gomez takes out a map showing a list of destinations they will be traveling to, but with Mustela hiding behind a billboard, he follows them on their adventure, still trying to get his hands on Wednesday or else he and Pongo will both be fired. During the road trip, Fester sits in the front seat with Thing driving, making weird burping sounds in his opera he wrote in the bath. He says he's been taking a lot of baths recently until he suddenly spots a sign showing octopus eyes being attracted to all that beautiful water. The family is supposed to go to Salem until Fester comes in to forget it and change plans, going to Niagara Falls instead. As the day comes, Gomez gets mad and is surprised at Thing asking how it all happened when they're supposed to be in Salem, but Thing points to Fester explaining to Gomez that it was his idea, and Fester tells Gomez not to get mad as Niagara Falls is the great wonder of the world and kills the most tourism with the powerful, seductive water that gets Fester so tempted with octopus eyes. Gomez asks Fester if he's feeling all right and not being his usual creepy self. Fester pulls out an octopus tentacle from his sleeve, replacing his left hand. Gomez sniffs it and tells Fester to put it in the fridge, as seafood turns very quickly. Wednesday is busy looking through the telescope, seeing Canada answering Morticia's question. Her mother suggests going to a vintage store, wanting Wednesday to try out a more mature look, but Wednesday's own black dress is a classic and is just as happy the way she is. Gomez comes over to greet his daughter, and Wednesday twists one of his fingers, saying he knows how she feels about hugs. Fester spends time with Pugsley until they spot two girls walking by, and Fester suggests that it's the perfect opportunity to try the moves in his books. Pugsley pretends to hurt his knee only to fall for one of the girls, who find him funny, asking if he got that for a book. Fester is surprised until Wednesday comes by to embarrass him with the doll of him he's got; she uses it to make him dance in front of everyone with the song "Jump Around" playing, then she throws the doll over the cliff, causing Pugsley to fall in the water face first too. Gomez gets a bunch of barrels ready just as Mustela approaches, so Gomez hides Wednesday in one of the barrels and kicks it over the waterfall. Gomez quickly jumps in the barrel himself, with Fester joining in with Mustela without a barrel. Mustela quickly swims away. Fester asks where Pugsley is until he finds a doll he calls a tiny floating person. Then Fester squeezes the doll, and he makes a big groaning sound until he finds Pugsley. Gomez is happy with how great it was asking Wednesday about surviving, which is another thing they have in common. After the Addams Family's visit to Niagara Falls, they continue their vacation on the road.

Grandmama is busy at home with parties and making money, but it gets a little out of hand, and people are almost asking for refunds.

The family hits their next stop in Sleepy Hollow, New York, where they go camping in the woods, have a fire, and tell scary stories. Gomez tells a horrifying story about Pugsley which he doesn't find funny at all, while Wednesday is out in the woods with Kitty, she comes back and then Fester tells the story about her when she was born, it takes place with him at the hospital where he goes looking for a bathroom after eating all of the patients' pudding they left behind but accidentally takes a wrong turn in the hospital nursery, he tries looking for the light but accidentally turns on kids music and him making all the babies cry, but he spots his little niece across from him he runs over to see her, but overhears the babies still crying, he didn't know what to do until he came up with the idea with the the Addams Family hospital nursery trick, he grabs each baby and juggles them but does not put them in the same beds with their names on them, after they stop crying. He stops juggling and leaves the nursery with his little niece Wednesday, just when a baby falls on the floor and the door closes, the flashback ends. Morticia and Gomez are surprised at his story and immediately get up, taking Kitty for another walk in the woods, even though Wednesday already did it. While Gomez and Morticia leave, they put Fester in charge, and when Fester wonders if he can juggle actual children, he tells the kids to bring it in because they never know unless they try. While Fester is too busy juggling Pugsley. Morticia and Gomez take a walk down by the creek, wondering if Mustela is right. He won't give up until he takes Wednesday away, but Gomez threatens to let him come as he pulls out his sword. Morticia just can't bare for them to find out that Wednesday might not be their daughter. But Wednesday is hanging upside down, almost listening to everything her parents say. She rides Lurch across the pond, talking about her misplaced in her infancy.

The Family wakes up and starts a new day on their next adventure. They stop at the beach in Miami, Florida, and relax there for a while until Cousin Itt shows up, which shocks Fester, but he says that if Itt's allowed on the couch, then so is he. At night, Pugsley sleepwalks, takes a big ham out of the fridge for Kitty, and talks in his sleep while Thing is busy driving. He almost dozes off to sleep but tries to stay awake, focusing on driving, but it becomes way too hard for him. Almost getting into an accident causes him to stress out, so he takes a big sip of coffee and stays awake longer to keep concentrating. He drives through a long tunnel leading to daytime, where the Addams Family hits San Antonio, Texas, the next day. Fester argues with Itt, calling him a fuzzface. Wednesday sits at the table with Itt and has a conversation with him. With Thing still driving, he spots Mustela and Pongo through the mirror trying to get Wednesday, but Gomez and Morticia won't allow that, so Gomez suggests a fun family travel game, gathering everyone around the table. Lurch punches Mustela in the face through the window and lands on Pongo, where they get into an accident landing in cow poop. After that, Gomez has the perfect place for everyone to hide. The family reaches the city and stops at a hotel called The Ala Motel. When Mustela shows up again, they run inside the motel, and a lady comes to greet them with a pageant called Little Miss Jalapeno Pepper. Gomez gets Wednesday to join the play. Wednesday explores the dressing room backstage, where a little girl named Peggy comes to ask what her talent is. She replies that she can read minds, but Peggy doesn't believe that she can, so Wednesday proves it to her but finds it frightening. After Wednesday reveals Peggy's name, she runs out the door to the stage. The Addams Family comes into the gym with their disguises and watches Wednesday perform with the little girls until she takes out her blade and throws it up to a rope, cutting it open for red paint to dump all over the girls. Mustela arrives and finally catches Wednesday on stage due to the Family's cheering, so they all escape quickly. Wednesday is mad at Gomez for embarrassing her, so after they get gas, they reach the Grand Canyon as their next destination. Fester has an accident leaking ink, finally thinking he got off diapers, so he runs inside the building to the bathroom to go clean himself up. Gomez thinks it's puberty Fester is having, except Fester finds the bathroom and begins to not be feeling so well; his head starts aching, his tentacle fights him, pokes him in the eye, then his right hand disappears and turns into another tentacle. In the meantime, The Addams Family is outside, where Cousin Itt leaves and takes off in his airplane, and then Pugsley goes exploding things.

Wednesday is outside looking at her necklace until Mustela finally shows up but steps in her pranks with a rope pulling him by the leg. Then Cyrus calls her on the phone and asks her what happened with Mustela. Wednesday responds that she let him go. She sneaks over to Gomez and pulls out his hair from his nose and his head, then uses it to test the DNA, and figures out that it's true, she's not an Addams. Wednesday knew the whole time something was wrong, and she eventually ran away the next morning. Pugsley gets excited about being the only Addams, but Fester tells him that's too soon. Fester asks if it was the hospital thing not being a big deal. Gomez blames himself because if she had just felt closer to him, none of it would ever have happened. Wednesday walks in the woods until Lurch secretly follows her, but she already knows he's following her. She thinks that he should go back to his family, but she realizes that he's not an Addams either, so she just lets him join her on her way to Sausalito, California. The Addams Family agrees to go to Sausalito themselves to get Wednesday back. Wednesday and Lurch hitchhike through Death Valley all the way to Sausalito until they find tough bikers on motorcycles coming. They stop at a bar called Lurleen's, and the bikers are on their way to Sausalito themselves. When Wednesday and Lurch finally reach Sausalito, they find Cyrus's house and figure out that Cyrus is her father. He greets Wednesday to Ophelia, who's a pig, and his wife Ingrid, a blue heron; he gives her a tour around his lab until The Addams Family show up. Wednesday and Cyrus go outside to greet them. Everyone goes except Fester, who looks extremely sick, so he just tells them to go ahead without him as he needs to stay behind in the camper to lay down and rest, so he faints and closes the camper door with his octopus tentacles while the rest of the Family go up to see if Wednesday's there. Thing rings the doorbell, which Lurch smashes and answers the door, asking "You Rang?" slowly. Gomez makes it clear that they came to rescue Wednesday, but she asks what they are rescuing her from. Gomez notices that Cyrus is the man from the science fair who was a hologram. Cyrus says that Morticia and Gomez aren't Wednesday's parents; he is. Wednesday calls Morticia by her real name, making her surprised and shocked. Also, she warns Gomez, saying that before he does anything rational, she shows him the results that prove that she's not their daughter; at first, she was Addams, but now she's Strange, which makes Pugsley happy, but Wednesday immediately tells him to zip it. Gomez is shocked, not believing it's true. Wednesday tells her father to forgive her, but Gomez says that he does forgive her, but she actually meant Cyrus. Wednesday apologizes to Gomez that she can't leave with him but is more than happy to offer them shelter for the night and say goodbye the next day. When Morticia and Gomez find pictures of Wednesday doing everything with Cyrus in 6 hours, Gomez begins to cry after losing their little girl. Ophelia calls Pugsley over to bring him upstairs to her room. She asks if he's hungry, but he says he's always hungry. She keeps a secret chute filled with all kinds of pastries, cookies, muffins, and cinnamon rolls, and they dig in using their faces, which they say is a lot easier. Pugsley asks Ophelia where she's been all his life, and she says the farm, but he didn't hear her clearly. When he asks again, Ophelia scares him with her pig face, and Pugsley yells scarcely. Morticia says Cyrus is lying, but Gomez thinks it's no use and Wednesday is gone, but Morticia angrily tells Gomez to pull himself together as he's an Addams just as Wednesday is, whether it's in her blood or not.

Pugsley comes in to show them that Ophelia and Ingrid are animals, not people. Cyrus overhears that Pugsley's right; they're animals but sometimes revert to their original form. Cyrus uses a strong gas to put the Addams Family to sleep. Wednesday is surprised to find her real family in danger, almost used in an experiment from Wednesday's experiment at the science fair. Wednesday only meant to show how Fester's intellect can be improved, but Cyrus explains that she can improve the rest of her ex-family, but she says they don't need improving as they're fine as they are, except maybe Pugsley. In each of the tubes, the green goo rises, and Cyrus leaves Wednesday to do the honors, but she refuses; she finally admits that even though Cyrus is biologically her father, everyone is still her family, The Addams Family. But Cyrus won't tolerate it and pulls the trigger himself. Cyrus is disappointed in Wednesday but insults her, calling her a silly little girl. Wednesday threatens Cyrus to turn off the machine and won't tell him again. When she does ask if he has a piano nearby, Cyrus furiously asks why he'd have a piano in a laboratory. She calls Lurch, and he calls Pongo, but Lurch and Pongo don't hurt each other; instead, they hug. They team up to kill Cyrus.

Wednesday explains in a flashback to Texas, where Pongo makes Lurch assume that she is in trouble. After the story, the two guys fold Cyrus up and play with him like a basketball, then Pongo kicks him hard and breaks the glass to free The Addams Family. Suddenly, Cyrus wakes up and finds green goo falling on him. The Family gets out, and Wednesday asks Morticia and Gomez if they're all right, and they are.

It's not over as Cyrus is officially a giant rooster monster with pointy antlers; he tries to kill Wednesday and the rest of her family, but is quickly stopped by Fester coming in to protect his family, he's not himself as he's turned into a giant octopus monster, so Fester and Cyrus fight between each other to settle everything once and for all. Fester grabs Cyrus by the legs and pulls him in the water and drowns him hard while they fight underwater with Fester inking up the tank, he breaks the glass with his tentacle, causing everyone to run and they get washed over the ledge and both Fester and Cyrus fall, but Fester grabbed hold of the ledge saving his fall and pulling himself back up. As for Cyrus, he keeps falling until he dies, landing on two people, with one of them asking to marry the other.

Wednesday checks in on Fester and says he's dying; she blames herself, admitting it's her fault. Wednesday is curious about the necklace Morticia gave her and asks what she meant by it being part of every Addams; Morticia explains that it contains a drop of blood for every Addams born in the family—Gomez, Pugsley, and Wednesday herself. "Including Fester," she says. It gives her a great idea to save Fester from dying, as it might just save the day. She calls Lurch to turn on the system and then pours the blood into the experiment to create a magic needle to put inside Fester. He begins to shrink back to his old self, but everyone thinks he's dead, but only temporarily as he burps, then sits up, asking if he won. Wednesday answers that he did win and laughs; she tells Pugsley that Ophelia is feeling better too and has become an ordinary girl. Then Ophelia and Pugsley finally reunited and continued their friendship together.

Wednesday apologizes to her parents and mentions that she never wanted to be an Addams; she struggled with feeling different but realized that feeling different is the most Addams-y thing there is. Gomez points out that different is what the extra D in "Addams" stands for, although Wednesday thought it stood for dismemberment. She asks her parents to forgive her, and Morticia tells Wednesday that she is and will always be their little ghoul; she thanks her mother as the feeling is mutual. Wednesday surprises Gomez with a hug and tells everyone that they should all go home, which they do. The Addams Family ends their vacation and goes home.

Grandmama explains that all she did was invite a few people over until things got a little bit out of hand. But Gomez and Morticia aren't mad at all; they're actually surprised by the party being a homecoming present. So Grandmama just tags along and says, "Welcome Home!" So the Addams Family goes inside to party while Cousin Itt is singing karaoke. A kid yells to Cousin Itt that they love him, but Fester still doesn't understand a word he says. Meanwhile, he sees Ophelia and Pugsley dancing with each other, and Fester joins in. Gomez says he is right about the vacation bringing the Addams Family closer than ever before, and Morticia calls him a wonderful father.

Wednesday is puzzled; she admits to Gomez that she knew Cyrus lied about being her father, but when she tested out Gomez's hair at the Grand Canyon, it explained conclusively that he wasn't her father either. But Gomez tells her that he suffered a little accident with an napalm experiment a few years back and lost his hair, and then adds that he had to replace it with real Sasquatch fur. But he assures Wednesday that he's her father for sure, now and always, even forever; he begins to hug her, but she twists his finger again, saying she already hugged him once because it's quite enough affection for a lifetime. So Gomez sits down on the couch and tells the rest of the Addams Family that it's time for them to start planning the next family vacation, like a trip around the world, if they think of it; everyone glares at him.

The movie ends with screen projector films of The Addams Family hand-drawn animated traveling to all different countries, and then one more finger snap to end the movie with a goodbye.

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  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania was supposed to be released on the same day, but it was moved to January.
  • As part of a cross-promotion, a CGI version of Progressive Insurance's advertising character Flo makes a cameo on a billboard the camper crashes through.
  • Unlike in the previous movie, after Wednesday is exposed to much sunlight, her skin remains pale.
  • Thing wears a fingerless glove.
  • One of the songs played on the radio in the Addamses' camper is Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". Also, the song "Jump Around" is heard when Pugsley is doing funny dances in front of everyone because of Wednesday's embarrassments.
  • Wednesday's pigtails were nooses back in the first movie, but in this sequel, her pigtails are normal with eyeball clips.
  • Fester's voice actor Nick Kroll says that he plans to pitch an idea for The Addams Family 3 in 2023; he wishes to see the family go on another vacation either to space or Comic-Con.[1]
  • Gomez mentions to Wednesday that he replaced his hair with real Sasquatch fur; Sasquatch is another term for "Bigfoot."
  • Fester wore underwear with yellow rubber ducks on it at Morticia and Gomez's wedding in the first movie; in this sequel, he wears black spider underwear.
  • The Addams Family House has always been saying "Get Out!" in the first movie; in this sequel, it doesn't say that at all throughout the movie; instead, it says "Let's Party!" but only once, and Grandmama mentions the house's name is Chuckles.
  • Wednesday's DNA experiment didn't match her results with Gomez because his hair was a wig made of Sasquatch fur, but she took hair samples from his nose as well and that would have been a match.
  • Wednesday says that she doesn't do hugs and has been social distancing since birth, but she actually hugged Morticia near the end of the first movie hanging on one of Ichabod's branches after saving everyone from the house falling apart by Parker's mom Margaux.
  • In 2019, Funko Pop figurines were made for the characters Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Lurch, and Thing.
  • Parker, Wednesday's friend from the first film, doesn't make an appearance in this film; her absence is not explained.

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