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The Addams Family is a novel by Jack Sharkey.

First published by Pyramid Books in 1965, it is an original story about The Addams Family characters from the original television series.


Chapter One: Be It Ever So Horrible[]

Chapter Two: "What Is the Sound of One Hand Cackling?"[]

Chapter Three: Dear Old Mold and Ghoul Days[]

Chapter Four: The Loud, Fragrant Flavor of Sharp Purple[]

Chapter Five: The Inside Is Definitely OUt[]

Chapter Six: That Was the Weakness That Was[]

Chapter Seven: Oh, What's the Youth?[]

Chapter Eight: From Here to Perplexity[]

Uncle Fester is drafted. He turns the induction center upside down, when they discover that, among other things, he served in the American Civil War, has orange marmalade in his veins, electronic circuitry on his skin, no fingerprints on his fingers; and he is weightless.

Chapter Nine: You Can't Leave Home Again[]

Chapter Ten: After Cousin Charles, What?[]


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