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The Addams Family is a novelization of the 1991 feature film of the same name.

It was published by Scholastic in 1991.


The 1991 Addams Family characters are on the cover against a marble background. From left to right are Grandmama, Wednesday Addams, Gomez Addams, Thing, Lurch, Morticia Addams, Pugsley Addams, and Uncle Fester.

Grandmama is standing next to Wednesday; Gomez and Morticia are standing next to each other, with Thing in front of them and Lurch behind them with a feather duster. Pugsley is standing next to Morticia, and Uncle Fester is standing behind Pugsley.

Above all of them are the words "The Addams Family" in a font color that is a mix of black and green. Above Grandmama's head is an oval with the words "With eight pages of color photos from the move!" inside of it. About Uncle Fester's head is a rectangle with rounded edges that has the words "Based on the frightfully funny new movie from Paramount Pictures" inside of it. Underneath Thing is a rectangle with the words "A novelization by Elizabeth Faucher from the screenplay Written by Caroline Thompson & Larry Wilson Based on the Characters created by Charles Addams" inside of it.

On the bottom left is a red rectangle with the word "SCHOLASTIC".

On the left side, in vertical white colored font is the word "Scholastic". The ISBN is 0-590-455419-9. It retails for $2.99 US and $3.95 CAN.


It has The Addams Family (1991) characters on the cover.