The Addams Family
Addams family 1992
Starring John Astin
Rip Taylor
No. of Episodes 21
Main Directors Robert Alvarez
Don Lusk
Ray Patterson
Carl Urbano
Main Writers Charles Addams
Bill Matheny
Producers David Kirschner
Ron Myrick
Run Dates September 12, 1992-November 6, 1993


Season One

  1. "Happyester Fester"
  2. "Dead and Breakfast"
  3. "The Day Gomez Failed"
  4. "Girlfriendstein - Pugsley by the Numbers - Beware of Thing"
  5. "N.J. Addams"
  6. "A Thing Is Born - Choke and Dagger - Fester's Diary"
  7. "Sir Pugsley - Festerman - Art to Art"
  8. "Puttergeist"
  9. "F.T.V."
  10. "Itt's Over"
  11. "Hide and Go Lurch - Hook, Line and Stinkers - A Sword Fightin' Thing"
  12. "Addams Family PTA"
  13. "Little Big Thing - Little Bad Riding Hood - Metamorphosister"

Season Two

  1. "Color Me Addams"
  2. "No Ifs, Ands Or Butlers"
  3. "Jack and Jill and the Beanstalk - Festerman Returns - Hand Delivered"
  4. "Sweetheart of a Brother"
  5. "Double O Honeymoon"
  6. "Then Came Granny - Pet Show Thing - Fester Sings the Fester Way"
  7. "Camp Addams - Little Doll Lost - King of the Polycotton Blues"
  8. "A Girl and a Ghoul - A Little Bit of Pugsley - Ask Granny"


Additional Voices

Production Staff

  • Sandy Benenati, production assistant
  • Lady Colyton, creative consultant
  • Linda Moore, production assistant
  • Tori Pollock, production assistant, unit production coordinator
  • Gail Prewitt, word processor, production assistant
  • Valerie Menk Raichert, production assistant
  • Jill Ziegenhagen, talent coordinator
  • Bill Matheny, story editor
  • Vicki Casper, production coordinator
  • Ellen Cockrill, program executive
  • Linda Germain, word processor
  • Jo Harn, international production coordinator
  • Debby Hindman, production assistant
  • Karenia Kaminski, assistant to producer
  • Ray Patterson, supervising director
  • Rosanne Rodriguez, production coordinator
  • Joseph Swaney, production publicist
  • Lane Raichert, story editor
  • Michele Furuichi-Yost, production assistant
  • Jeff Holder, program executive
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