The Addams Family
Addams title card
Starring Carolyn Jones
John Astin
No. of Episodes 64
Main Directors Sidney Lanfield
Main Writers Charles Addams
Hannibal Coons
Harry Winkler
Producers Nat Perrin
Run Dates 18 September 1964 - 8 April 1966

The Addams Family is an American television series based on the characters in Charles Addams' cartoons from The New Yorker magazine.

The 30-minute series was shot in black and white and aired for two seasons in 64 installments on ABC from 18 September 1964 to 8 April 1966. The Addams Family ranked 23rd in its first season, with a 23.9 rating. The show is the first adaptation of the characters to feature The Addams Family Theme, written and arranged by Vic Mizzy, and its memorable accompaniment of harpsichord and finger-snapping.

It was originally produced by Filmways Inc. at General Service Studios in Hollywood. Successor company MGM Television (via The Program Exchange for broadcast syndication, 20th Century Fox Television for home video/DVD) owns the rights to the show. At one point, distribution rights were licensed to Worldvision Enterprises.

This show can be seen on TV Land. It is often compared to its working-class rival, The Munsters, which ran for the same two seasons and achieved somewhat higher Nielsen ratings.

As promotion for the 2019 animated movie, the official MGM YouTube account uploaded episodes from the series to their channel.

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Supporting Cast

Production Staff

  • Dave Kahn, music coordinator, music supervisor


Season One

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