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The Addams Family is a 1991 film featuring The Addams Family. A con artist and her son take advantage of Uncle Fester's 25-year absence to try to steal the Addams fortune.


Gomez reflects sorrowfully on the years his brother Fester has been lost, whom he has not seen for 25 years due to a falling-out between them. Gomez' lawyer, Tully Alford, is desperate to pay off his loan shark, so he proposes to create the "Fester Addams Offshore Retirement Fund." Gomez, oblivious to the real purpose, says that they should not do business in the next quarter. Meanwhile, Alford's wife, Margaret, asks Morticia to donate to a charity auction. Morticia offers a bejeweled fingertrap from the court of Emperor Wu and invites the Alfords to a séance in which they will attempt to contact Uncle Fester's spirit. Tully returns to work to find his loan shark, Abigail Craven, and her son, Gordon, waiting for him. Gordon harasses Tully until he discovers the gold doubloons with which Gomez has paid his monthly expenses. Tully notices just how similar Gordon looks to Fester and proposes that Gordon pose as Fester to infiltrate the Addams' house to find the vault where they keep their vast riches. At the séance, Granny Frump attempts to contact Fester's spirit, demanding he knock three times. Just then, they hear three knocks at the door. They answer it to find Gordon, posing as Fester, and Ms. Craven, posing as a psychiatrist named Dr. Greta Pinder-Schloss.

She informs them that Fester had been found in Miami, tangled in a tuna net, during Hurricane Helga. After extensive testing, the Florida Department of Fish and Game declared this was indeed Fester. Gordon says he can only stay with the family for a week since he has "things cooking in the Bermuda Triangle." Gomez is initially overjoyed but becomes more and more suspicious. Fester fails to remember important events from their childhood: when Gomez had his first cigar, the combination to the vault, and their secret names for each other. He takes him to the vault to show some old home movies and asks forgiveness for the reason for Gomez and Fester's falling out: Gomez was jealous of Fester's ways with women and wooed both the beautiful Flora and Fauna Amor twins even though he didn't love them. After buying back their own bejeweled fingertrap for $50,000 at the charity auction, Gordon asks how to take it off, something Fester should have known since he had been stuck wearing that same fingertrap for two years but which Gordon does not remember. Gomez stews over these inconsistencies while playing Trainwreck.

Gordon attempts to access the vault but cannot remember which of the many chains to pull. He pulls the wrong one and is yanked upwards, then sent down a slide into a shark tank, then flushed from the house. Morticia meets him outside and leads him on a tour of the graveyard before reminding him of the family creed: Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc, meaning "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us."

Gordon thinks that the family suspects his ruse, so Abigail, as Dr. Pinder-Schloss, convinces Gomez that his suspicion is nothing more than Displacement. Meanwhile, Gordon shows signs that he is growing close to the family: he spends time with Wednesday and Pugsley, helping with the sword fight scene for their school play and teaching them about explosives. Abigail hatches a plan to pretend not to be interested in the school play, thus leaving the house vacant so they can get to the vault. Gordon breaks from the plan by instead going to watch Wednesday and Pugsley's scene in the play. Abigail tries to enter the house anyway but is trapped by the sentient plants outside the house.

The next morning, Morticia tells Dr. Pinder-Schloss that Gomez and Fester have reconciled and that they've planned a party honoring Fester's return. This gives Gordon and his mother another opportunity to reach the vault. At the party, the Addams clan gathered to celebrate. When Wednesday is sent to check on Fester, she finds Gordon in the bathroom, with his mother shaving his head. The two of them are talking about their plans for the evening. Wednesday realizes that he is fake and escapes to the family graveyard as Gordon chases her. Meanwhile, Flora and Fauna tell Tully that Fester, being the older brother, would be the executor of the Addams estate and would thus inherit everything on their property. Tully makes a hasty exit and enlists the aid of Gomez' neighbor, Judge Womack, who's fed up with the Addams' ookiness, such as the golf balls Gomez hits through his windows. The judge enthusiastically agrees to help.

Once the party is over, it is discovered that Wednesday is missing. All of the Addamses except Gordon go to search for her. Gomez finds her sleeping in a crypt in the cemetery. When they returned home, they found the gate barred and locked, with Tully behind it. He reveals that he had installed a restraining order that demands that the Addams Family stay at least a thousand yards from the property. When he reveals that the entire Addams estate now belongs to Fester since he is the older brother, Morticia protests that Fester loves Gomez, but Tully reveals that the latter's time with the Amor sisters had brought his memories back and that he is now afraid of his brother. When Gomez demanded that he speak to Fester, Tully refused this request and just ordered him and the Addams Family to leave. When Gomez takes the issue to court, Judge Womack rules against him in favor of Fester, all he could make Gomez suffer, though he does give him his golf balls back. Defeated, the Addams family was forced to move to a motel.

While Gordon, his mother, and Tully Alford repeatedly try and fail to reach the vault, the Addamses try to adapt to their new situation. To support the family, Wednesday and Pugsley open a lemonade stand. Morticia tries to become a preschool teacher, but her rendition of Hansel and Gretel makes all the children bawl their eyes out. Thing inexplicably gets a job as a courier for Federal Express. Gomez is so despondent that he refuses to do anything but watch daytime TV and eat snack food.

It pains Morticia to see her family living like this, so she returns to the mansion to confront Gordon. She is subdued by Tully and Craven, who torture her to learn how to reach the vault, but of course she enjoys it. Thing sees all this and returns to the motel, where he informs Gomez that his beloved wife is in trouble. Gomez rushes to her rescue, but Abigail pulls a gun on him. She demands that he take them to the vault, or she will kill Morticia.

Disgusted by the torture of his family and by Abigail's constant worsening badgering, Fester takes matters into his own hands and opens a book titled Hurricane Irene, which produces a mighty wind that blows Tully and Abigail out the window and into open graves, which were freshly dug by Pugsley, Wednesday, and Thing. Pugsley asks Wednesday, "Are they dead?" and Wednesday replies, "Does it matter?"

Seven months later, all is well with the family as they regained their home and are now throwing a Halloween party. Moreover, Uncle Fester's memories have returned for real, and the story of him being found in Miami but having amnesia was actually true. As Fester and the children rush out to the graveyard for a rousing game of "Wake the Dead," Gomez ponders what could possibly make life better, and Morticia then holds up a three-legged sleeper she has been knitting, which reveals that she is pregnant.

Cast and Characters[]

Other Characters[]




Art Department[]

  • Yael Haffner - Art Department Coordinator (uncredited)
  • Erin M. Cummins - Assistant Art Director
  • Paul Sonski - Assistant Art Director (uncredited)
  • Michael Gastaldo - Assistant Property Master
  • Richard Bryan Douglas - Carpenter (uncredited)
  • Eric Yount - Carpenter (uncredited)
  • Walt Hadfield (credited as Walton D. Hadfield) - Construction Coordinator
  • James F. Walker - Construction Foreperson
  • Hugo Herrera - Greens Foreperson
  • Casey Hallenbeck - Leadperson
  • Jeffery J. Jenkins - Paint Foreman (uncredited)
  • John Tyrrell - Paint Foreman
  • Chad Simpson - Painter (uncredited)
  • John Alvin - Poster Artist (uncredited)
  • Mentor Huebner - Production Illustrator (uncredited)
  • Nicholas C. John - Production Painter
  • Michael W. Moore - Prop Maker (uncredited)
  • Scott Schneider - Prop Maker (uncredited)
  • Robin L. Miller - Property Master
  • Greg Benge - Property person
  • Christopher Gilman - Props (uncredited)
  • Christopher S. Ross - Props Designer (uncredited)
  • Ron Gress (credited as Ronald Gress) - Scenic Artist
  • John Stewart - Scenic Artist
  • Wayne Daddio - Scenic Artist (uncredited)
  • Dan Platt - Sculptor (uncredited)
  • Beverli Eagan - Set Designer
  • Lawrence A. Hubbs - Set Designer
  • Nancy Mickelberry - Set Designer
  • John Dexter - Set Designer (uncredited)
  • Masako Masuda - Set Designer (uncredited)
  • Randy Bostic - Set Dresser
  • Tamara Clinard - Set Dresser
  • Steven Curtis Husch - Set Dresser
  • John Sweeney - Set Dresser
  • Tony Guastella - Set Dresser (uncredited)
  • J. Todd Anderson - Storyboard Artist

Art Direction by[]

  • Margie Stone McShirley


  • Douglas R. Boyle - Assistant: Mr. Rudin
  • Lee Dollar - Assistant: Mr. Rudin
  • Iain York - Assistant: Mr. Rudin
  • Karen M. Murphy - Assistant: Mr. Sonnenfeld
  • Karen S. Spiegel - Assistant: Mr. Sonnenfeld
  • Molly Shaw (credited Molly Shaw Gibbs) - Assistant: Ms. Huston

Camera and Electrical Department[]

  • Eric J. Goldstein - Additional Photographer
  • Gale Tattersall - Additional Photographer
  • Don Nesmith (credited as Donald Nesmith) - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
  • Bob E. Krattiger (credited as Robert Krattiger) - Assistant Chief Lighting Technician
  • Rob Hahn - Camera Operator
  • Chris Squires - Camera Operator
  • Robert LaBonge - Camera Operator
  • M. Todd Henry (credited as Todd Henry) - Camera Operator
  • Randy Glass - Chief Lighting Technician
  • Gary Holt - Chief Lighting Technician
  • Paul Jacobsen - Chief Rigging Lighting Technician
  • Brian Q. Kelley - Cinematography Support (uncredited)
  • Michael Liakos - Dolly Grip
  • David L. Merrill - Dolly Grip
  • Rebecca Baehler - Film Loader
  • Ian Fox - First Assistant Camera
  • Michael A. Chavez - First Assistant Camera
  • Steven Mann - First Assistant Camera: Second Unit (uncredited)
  • Tim Ryan - First company grip
  • Peter Wagner - first Company Grip
  • Rex Anson Rhorer - Grip (uncredited)
  • Michael B. Corbett - Lighting Technician
  • Brennan Price - Lighting Technician (uncredited)
  • Billy Blackman - Rigging Grip
  • David Luckenbach - Second Assistant Camera
  • Mark Streapy - Second Assistant Camera
  • Carl R. Gibson Jr. - Second Company Grip
  • Ronald Viveros - Second Company Grip
  • Melinda Sue Gordon - Still Photographer
  • Richard Scarpone (credited as Rich Scarpone) - Video Assistant

Casting by[]

  • David Rubin

Casting Department[]

  • Paul Cruz - Background Casting (uncredited)
  • Debra Zane - Casting Associate
  • Suzy Sachs - Casting: Seattle (uncredited)
  • Charlie Messenger - Extras Casting
  • Barbara Harris - Voice Casting


  • Victoria Hall - Assistant Choreographer
  • Peter Anastos - Choreographer
  • B.H. Barry - Fencing Choreographer

Cinematography by[]

  • Owen Roizman - Director of Photography

Costume and Wardrobe Department[]

  • Alexis Scott - Assistant Costume Designer (uncredited)
  • Linda Matthews (credited as Linda A. Matthews) - Costume Supervisor
  • Robin Borman-Wizan (credited as Robin Borman) - Costumer
  • William A. Campbell (credited as Bill Campbell) - Costumer
  • Linda Henrikson - Costumer
  • Murray Lantz - Costumer
  • Barbara Matera - Costumer
  • Randi Mavestrand - Costumer (uncredited)
  • Mitchell Ray Kenney (credited as Mitchell Kenney) - Costumer / Set Costumer
  • Carmen Mazarow (credited as Carmen C. Mazarow) - Cutter / Fitter

Costume Design by[]

  • Ruth Myers

Directed by[]


  • Paolo Vivio - Italian Voice Dubbing

Editing by[]

  • Dede Allen
  • Jim Miller

Editorial Department[]

  • Heather Persons - Apprentice Film Editor
  • Gladys Vega - Apprentice Film Editor
  • Gordon Antell - Apprentice Film Editor
  • Bruce Johnson - Apprentice Film Editor
  • Grace Valenti - Apprentice Film Editor
  • Bob Putynkowski - Color Timer
  • Karen Rasch - First Assistant Film Editor
  • Richard Garibaldi - Home Video Mastering Colorist (uncredited)
  • Donah Bassett - Negative Cutter

First Aid / Medic[]

  • Hank McGill - First Aid
  • Bundy Chanock - Set Medic (uncredited)

Key Production Assistant[]

  • Brian Jochum (credited as Brian W. Jochum)

Location Management[]

  • Cheryl Meier - Assistant Location Manager
  • Dan Gorman - Assistant Location Manager (uncredited)
  • Antoinette Levine - Location Manager
  • John Panzarella - Location Manager

Makeup Department[]

  • Vance Hartwell - Creature Effects / Special Makeup Effects Artist (both uncredited)
  • Jim Eustermann - Creature Effects Crew (uncredited)
  • Christopher Shihar - Hair Stylist
  • Kevin Haney - Makeup Artist
  • Katherine James - Makeup Artist
  • Brian Penikas - Makeup Artist (uncredited)
  • Fern Buchner - Makeup Designer
  • Dayne Johnson - Prosthetic Makeup Artist (uncredited)
  • Louis Lazzara - Special Makeup Effects Artist
  • Rick Stratton - Special Makeup Effects Artist (uncredited)
  • Paul Huntley - Wig Maker

Music by[]

  • Marc Shaiman

Music Department[]

  • Steve Bartek - Additional Orchestrator
  • Ralph Burns - Additional Orchestrator
  • Dennis Dreith - Additional Orchestrator
  • Jack Eskew - Additional Orchestrator
  • Thomas Richard Sharp (credited as Thom Sharp) - Additional Orchestrator
  • Hummie Mann - Conductor / Music Score Producer
  • Peter Golub - Music Arranger: Dance Music
  • Tom Brown - Music Copyist (uncredited)
  • George A. Martin - Music Editor
  • Bob Bornstein - Music Preparation
  • Nick Vidar - Music Programmer (uncredited)
  • Marc Shaiman - Music Score Producer
  • Tim Boyle - Music Scoring Mixer
  • George Doering - Musician (uncredited)
  • Sebastian Toettcher - Musician: Cello (uncredited)
  • Louise Di Tullio - Musician: Flute (uncredited)
  • James Thatcher - Musician: French Horn (uncredited)
  • Alan Kaplan - Musician: Trombone (uncredited)
  • Richard Nash - Musician: Trombone (uncredited)
  • Malcolm McNab - Musician: Trumpet (uncredited)
  • Tommy Johnson - Musician: Tuba (uncredited)
  • Jim Self - Musician: Tuba (uncredited)
  • Hakop Mekinyan - Musician: Violin (uncredited)
  • Tom Boyd - Oboe Soloist (uncredited)
  • Sandy DeCrescent - Orchestra Contractor
  • Mark McKenzie - Orchestrator
  • Sally Stevens - Singer / Vocal Contractor (uncredited)
  • Dan Goldwasser - Soundtrack Producer (uncredited)

Produced by[]

  • Bonnie Arnold - Associate Producer
  • Paul Rosenberg - Associate Producer
  • Jack Cummins - Co-Producer
  • Graham Place - Executive Producer
  • Scott Rudin - Producer

Production Accountant[]

  • Catherine M. Jones - Assistant Production Accountant
  • David Hickey - Assistant Production Accountant
  • Katherine Codekas (uncredited) - Assistant Production Accountant
  • Robert C. Campion - Assistant Production Accountant
  • Stephanie Claxton - Assistant Production Accountant
  • Joe M. Aguilar (credited as Joe Aguilar) - Production Accountant

Production Coordinator[]

  • Judi McKee - Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Mark Waldie - Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Vanessa G. Bardliving - Assistant Production Coordinator
  • Sharon Morov - Production Coordinator

Production Design by[]

  • Richard Macdonald

Production Management[]

  • Ron Lynch - Executive in Charge of Production (uncredited)
  • Jack Cummins - Unit Production Manager

Production Secretary[]

  • Allison A. Millican


  • Robin L. D'Arcy - Publicity Research (uncredited)
  • Vic Heutschy - Unit Publicist


  • Mike Elizalde - Lead Puppeteer (uncredited)
  • Jim Eustermann (credited as J. Eustermann) - Puppeteer
  • Eric Fiedler - Puppeteer
  • Bruce Spaulding Fuller (credited as Bruce Fuller) - Puppeteer
  • Jim McPherson - Puppeteer
  • David Penikas - Puppeteer
  • John Robles - Puppeteer
  • Dianna Smith - Puppeteer
  • Bill Sturgeon (credited as William Sturgeon) - Puppeteer
  • Tommy Williamson (credited as Tommy Williamson Jr.) - Puppeteer
  • Wes C. Caefer - Puppeteer (uncredited)


  • Paul Rudnick (uncredited)

Script and Continuity Department[]

  • Paul Rudnick - Script Revisions (uncredited)
  • Thomas Johnston (credited as Tom Johnston) - Script Supervisor

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director[]

  • Zia Iampietro - Additional Second Assistant Director
  • Joe Camp III - First Assistant Director
  • Ian Woolf (credited as Ian Foster Woolf) - Second Assistant Director
  • Joseph Brad Kluge - Second Second Assistant Director
  • Michael Baxter (credited as Michael Ryan Baxter) - Second Second Assistant Director

Security Officer[]

  • Bruce Loeb

Set Decoration by[]

  • Cheryal Kearney
  • John Sweeney (uncredited)

Sound Department[]

  • John P. Fasal - Additional Sound Effects Creator
  • John Pospisil - Additional Sound Effects Creator
  • Frank Serafine - Additional Sound Effects Creator / Sound Effects Editor
  • Denise Horta - ADR Editor
  • Nicholas Korda (credited as Nicholas V. Korda) - ADR Editor
  • Bob Baron - ADR Recordist
  • Paul O'Bryan - Apprentice Sound Editor
  • Jonathan Phillips - Apprentice Sound Editor
  • Anne Couk - Assistant Sound Editor
  • Robert Hyams - Assistant Sound Editor
  • Craig Sims - Assistant Sound Editor
  • Thomas W. Small - Assistant Sound Editor
  • Steve Bowerman - Boom Operator
  • Jean Marie Carroll - Cable Person
  • Gary Wright - Co-Supervising Sound Editor
  • Gloria D'Alessandro - Dialogue Editor
  • Alison Fisher - Dialogue Editor
  • Constance A. Kazmer - Dialogue Editor
  • Bob O'Brien - Dialogue Editor
  • Kevin Bartnof - Foley Artist
  • Ken Dufva - Foley Artist
  • David Lee Fein - Foley Artist
  • John Roesch - Foley Artist
  • Fred Burke - Foley Editor
  • Christine Danelski - Foley Editor
  • James Ashwill - Foley Mixer
  • Greg Curda - Foley Mixer
  • Carolyn Tapp - Foley Recordist (uncredited)
  • Gregg Landaker - Re-Recording Mixer: Skywalker Sound
  • Michael Minkler - Re-Recording Mixer: Skywalker Sound
  • Gary Summers - Re-Recording Mixer: Skywalker Sound
  • Mark 'Frito' Long - Recordist: Skywalker Sound
  • John Benson - Sound Effects Editor
  • Howell Gibbens - Sound Effects Editor
  • Joseph A. Ippolito - Sound Effects Editor
  • Trevor Jolly - Sound Effects Editor
  • Steve Mann - Sound Effects Editor
  • Beth Sterner - Sound Effects Editor
  • Marshall Winn - Sound Effects Editor
  • Peter F. Kurland - Sound Mixer
  • Randy Smith - Sound Recordist (uncredited)
  • Kurt Peterson - Sound Transfer (uncredited)
  • Steve F.B. Smith - Stereo Sound Consultant: Dolby
  • Juno J. Ellis - Supervising ADR Editor
  • Pamela Bentkowski - Supervising Foley Editor
  • Cecelia Hall - Supervising Sound Editor
  • Dean Okrand - Temp Mix Re-Recording Mixer (uncredited)

Special Effects by[]

  • Tommy Williamson (credited as Tom Williamson) - Animatronics
  • Wes C. Caefer - Animatronics (uncredited)
  • Moose Enright - Lightning Effects Supervisor
  • David B. Miller (credited as David Miller) - Prosthetics and Puppets: "Thing", David Miller Studios
  • Douglas J. Stewart - Special Character Effects (uncredited)
  • Chuck Gaspar - Special Effects Coordinator
  • A.J. Workman - Special Effects Crew
  • Kevin Hudson - Special Effects Crew (uncredited)
  • Peter Albiez (credited as Peter H. Albiez) - Special Effects Foreperson
  • Mike Edmonson - Special Effects Foreperson
  • Gary D. Bierend - Special Effects Technician
  • Dan Gaspar - Special Effects Technician
  • Carolyn Oros - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
  • Tim Turner - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
  • Don Waller - Special Effects Technician (uncredited)
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  • Gary Pawlowski - Special Effects Technician: Alterian Studios, Inc (uncredited)
  • Tony Gardner - Special Prosthetics and Mechanical Devices: Alterian Studios, Inc.


  • David R. Ellis (credited as David Ellis) - Stunt Coordinator
  • Owen Walstrom - Stunt Performer (uncredited)
  • Annie Ellis - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Celia Bond - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Danny Rogers - Stunts
  • David Welch - Stunts
  • Gayle Hooker - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Gregory J. Barnett - Stunts (uncredited)
  • Keith Campbell - Stunts
  • Mary Peters - Stunts
  • Randy Kovitz - Stunts
  • T.G. Cody - Stunts (uncredited)

Title Designer[]

  • Pablo Ferro

Transportation Department[]

  • Bill Vitagliano - Transportation (uncredited)
  • Dwight Wood - Transportation Captain
  • Jonathan A. Rosenfeld - Transportation Co-Captain (uncredited)
  • David Siegel - Transportation Coordinator

Visual Effects by[]

  • Tom Jensen - Additional First Assistant Camera: Visual Effects Unit (uncredited)
  • Jacqueline Zietlow - Administration: VCE
  • Marilyn Nave - Administration: VCE
  • Al Magliochetti (credited as Al Mag) - Animation Effects: VCE
  • Kevin Kutchaver - Animation Effects: VCE
  • Pam Vick - Animation Effects: VCE
  • Juniko Moody - Digital Artist (uncredited)
  • Bill Taylor - Matte Art Composites: Illusion Arts
  • Syd Dutton - Matte Art Composites: Illusion Arts
  • Gray Marshall - Motion Control Operator (uncredited)
  • Peter Kuran (credited as Pete Kuran) - Optical Composites: VCE
  • Brian Griffin - Optical Effects Line-Up: VCE
  • David Emerson - Optical Effects Line-Up: VCE
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  • Gary George - Photographic Effects: VCE
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  • Don Waller - Stop Motion Animator (uncredited)
  • Gregor Tavenner - Visual Effects Camera Assistant
  • Luc G. Nicknair (credited as Luc Nicknair) - Visual Effects Camera Assistant
  • Steven Mann (credited as Steve Mann) - Visual Effects Camera Assistant
  • David Jarrell - Visual Effects Chief Lighting Technician
  • John Rodgers (credited as John C. Rogers) - Visual Effects Chief Lighting Technician
  • Mike Stromp (credited as Mike Strump) - Visual Effects Chief Lighting Technician
  • Chuck Comisky - Visual Effects Co-Supervisor
  • Janine Monique Brauns (credited as Janine Brauns) - Visual Effects Continuity
  • Jessica Huebner - Visual Effects Coordinator
  • Albert J. Dunk (credited as Bert Dunk) - Visual Effects Director of Photography
  • Bill Pope - Visual Effects Director of Photography
  • Christopher Nibley - Visual Effects Director of Photography
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  • Jo Martin - Visual Effects Editorial: VCE
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  • Thomas Burke - Visual Effects Key Assistant
  • Mentor Huebner - Visual Effects Primary Production Illustrator
  • Frederick E.O. Toye (credited as Fred E.O. Toye) - Visual Effects Production Assistant
  • Rick Schaff - Visual Effects Production Assistant
  • Ron Harris - Visual Effects Storyboards
  • Alan Munro - Visual Effects Supervisor

Writing Credits[]

  • Charles Addams - Based on characters created by
  • Caroline Thomson - Written by
  • Larry Wilson - Written by


"I'm a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else."
-Wednesday Addams


  • The newspaper Life & Times had a small article on this flick.
  • The vault's combination is 2-10-11, "eyes, fingers, toes," and it contains both a brown and a polar Bear.
  • During "Wake the Dead" they try to wake Uncle Atlas and Great-Aunt Lavinia.
  • In a 2012 interview, Barry Sonnenfeld, the director of the movie, stated that he originally intended that it be unclear whether Fester really was an impostor or not, but all the other actors rebelled and chose 10-year-old Christina Ricci to speak on their behalf, who "gave this really impassioned plea that Fester shouldn't be an impostor... so we ended up totally changing that plot point to make the actors happy. And they were right — it was the better way to go."
  • Originally an Orion Pictures property, they were strapped for cash and began selling off promising film projects, including The Addams Family. Orion still maintained non-U.S. distribution rights to the film thanks to Columbia.
  • This movie was recorded 29-30 October 1989.

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  • Entrails

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