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The Addams Blues is a song sung by the Normanmeyer family in The Addams Family.


Norman: Just look out that window
Relatives on their lawn
Only some of them breathing
Oh, I wish they were gone

I hate those Addams
With my heart and soul
They really get me down
Tell you what I'd like to do
I tell ya if I had my way with those weirdos
They'd be run right out of town

Talk the blues, sweet pea!

Normina: But that Fester's the worst one
Stinky, smelly and more
He slept in our pudding
He chews holes in the floor

I hate those Addams
Fester tried to marry a clown
If I had my way with those weirdos
Why they'd be run right out of town

Kick it, poodle groomer!

Norman: I could blow up their house
N.J.: They'd like that dad
Norman: Send them to the moon
N.J.: They'd like that too
Norman: Sumo wrestle their granny
N.J.: She'd kick your butt
Norman: What's a poor boy to do?

Both: We hate those Addams
Norman: Sing it with me, family
Both: Oh man, they really get us down
Why if we had our way with those weirdos
Norman: What would we do?

All: Why they'd be run right out of town