Sweetheart of a Brother
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 2
Original Airdate October 9, 1993
Written by Bill Matheny
Story Editors Bill Matheny


Pugsley has fallen in love with Shella, the school's most popular girl. Although disgusted by his soft behavior, Wednesday decides to help him court the foreign girl. She encourages him to talk to her, but is annoyed that Shella shows no interest in him. Pugsley thinks that he can attract her attention if he is like everyone else. He concocts and drinks a normalizing formula, much to the Addams' shock. Distancing himself from his ooky family, Pugsley finds a new role model in Norman Normanmeyer who is delighted with Pugsley's new behavior. In school, Pugsley becomes a geek and no longer fights back against the school bully, Mortimer. When Shella defends Pugsley and Mortimer wants to fight her, the formula wears off and the real Pugsley takes revenge on him. Shella is enamored by Pugsley, but announces she has to return to her home land soon. He and his sister are nevertheless happy, because their lives are now back to 'normal'.


Background Information

Ooky Food

  • Whisker Pudding

Family Dances

  • The 2-by-4 Paddle-a-thon
  • The School Lunch Eruption

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