Sir Pugsley - Festerman - Art to Art
Series The Addams Family (animated 1992)
Season 1
Original Airdate October 24, 1992
Story by

Sir Pugsley: David Schwartz, Ron Myrick and Bill Matheny
Festerman: David Schwartz and Bill Matheny
Art to Art: Lane Raichert and Bill Matheny

Teleplay by

Sir Pugsley & Festerman: David Schwartz
Art to Art: Lane Raichert

Story Editors

Sir Pugsley & Festerman: Bill Matheny
Art to Art: Lane Raichert & Bill Matheny


Sir Pugsley: After sparring with Marie Antoinette, Wednesday is ready to win the annual family joust yet again. Envisioning triumph, she plays her victory music and can't resist the urge to dance to it. Gomez and Uncle Fester decide to train Pugsley. Finally the time for the joust arrives and Wednesday wins the first round by chaining Pugsley's motorcycle to the newel post. Believing she has already won the joust, Wednesday turns on her victory music and begins dancing uncontrollably again. Pugsley notices this weakness and decides to use it against her. He turns on the music again, she can't resist dancing, and he wins the joust.

Festerman: After being teased by Pugsley about a 'guys only' activity, Wednesday hears Uncle Fester's muffled suggestion to look at his latest project. She opens her closet to find him hanging upside-down making a comic book called Festerman. He reads the story to Wednesday, introducing all the characters along the way (e.g. FesterThing, FesterLurch, FesterPugsley). Festerman invents a ray that rips a hole in another dimension. Tumbling through the hole comes Underman (Norman Normanmeyer) who was an ally of Festerman's until Festerman dropped an anvil on his head, disfiguring him. He wants revenge so Festerman asks "What can I do to make this up?" and Underman responds "Well, you could give me your cape." Festergirl says that if he hands over his cape to Underman then he will plummet hundreds of feet to the ground below. Festerman gladly hands over his cape yelling "Whee!" all the way down. Underman follows as he crashes through to Festerman's underground lair, and uses his own weapon to steal Festerman's powers. Festergirl tricks him into using Festerman's ability to blow himself up, which manages to explode him back into a normal shape. As the story ends, Thing walks a chained Pugsley into the room, who says she can play with them if she wants. Wednesday says that she has something better to do, then she and Uncle Fester jump into the closet and begin making the next Festerman comic.

Art To Art: Morticia loses her ability to make revolting art. Lurch and Thing try to help her get her touch back. Morticia uses them as models, doing some very embarrassing things like dressing them like a ballerina or a clown. None of her new creations are horrible, so Morticia decides to quit art. But then she smells something and discovers that all her past art projects that she had thrown into a pile began to rot. She is inspired to use the mess for sculpting but cannot find Lurch or Thing anywhere. They are hiding on the roof of the conservatory.


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