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Sharon Jellinsky
Sharon dave jellinsky
Full Name: Sharon Jellinsky
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Birth Unknown
Spouse/Mate Dave Jellinsky
Children Debbie Jellinsky
Portrayed By Uncredited
Death 1972 (homicide victim)

Sharon Jellinsky was married to Dave Jellinsky. Together, they had a daughter: Debbie.

Sometime in the year 1972 Sharon and her husband made plans to celebrate their daughter Debbie's 10th birthday. However, they gave Debbie a Malibu Barbie Doll instead of a Ballerina Barbie Doll. This infuriated their evil daughter Debbie who managed to burn down her parent's house. It is unknown if Sharon was dead or alive when the fire occurred. Sharon's remains were most likely unrecognizable and what remained of the house was probably not salvageable. What happened to the Jellinsky property after her parent's death is unknown. It is unknown how Debbie got away with the murder of her parents and what happened in the immediate aftermath.  However, she kept her father's surname well into adulthood. It is unknown where Sharon was buried.