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Sam L. Hilliard is a truant officer. He appears in the original Addams Family series.


He convinces Gomez and Morticia to send Wednesday and Pugsley to the Sherwood School. When the Addamses invite him back to their home to discuss some concerns, he refuses to go until Lurch is dispatched to bring him in.[1]

Later, he runs for office and receives great support from the Addams family.[2] He loses the election, but the mayor appoints him head of the school board, a much better position.

Hilliard ends up becoming the principal of Mockridge Hall, a private school. Upon learning this, the Addams decide to enroll Wednesday and Pugsley there, much to Hilliard's dismay, but he ends up accepting it due to economic needs. Due to a series of altercations, Hilliard ends up resigning, and the Addams assume control of the school until they are forced to return it to Hilliard due to the fact that the mothers of the students did not approve their outlandish educational plans.[3]


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Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a human, Sam does not have powers.


  • Open-minded: He can see the merit or fairness in proffered new ideas, even when wracked with mortal fear by the Addams family's scary household.


  • Anxiety: He has anxiety, causing him to feel unnerved in creepy surroundings and when introduced to new foods/concepts.


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The Original Addams Family Series

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