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Not to be confused with Sam Hilliard


Sam Hiller is a character who appears in The New Addams Family.


Mr. Hiller worked for the Board of Education and first visited the Addams mansion in this capacity. When he inquired how many children there were in the household, Wednesday explained that there was a third sibling, but her brother Pugsley had eaten it. Despite having a tumultuous time inside the Addams house, Hiller managed to convince Gomez and Morticia to allow their children to go to school.[1]

Some time later, Mr. Hiller was in charge of a local charity auction. Even though he didn't want to receive any donations from the Addams family, his colleague Ariana Puffington insisted. Hiller himself was ordered to pick up the donations in a van, and he insisted on taking Big Earl with him. Remembering the long tongue that emerged from the door knocker the last time he visited, Hiller made sure that Big Earl knocked on the door instead of him.

As the auction began, Hiller was certain that none of the Addams' donations would sell. But he was pleasantly surprised when many different bidders (most of whom were members of the Addams family) began to bid against each other. A tiger-head clock finally went to Clayton Howell III for $1100. A pleased Hiller almost managed to sell Fester Addams to an eighty-year-old lady as well.[2]


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Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


As a human, Sam does not have powers.


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The New Addams Family series

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