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In the 2019 movie, the Sabre Mazurka (also called the Caber Mazurka) is an Addams family tradition that every child born into the family has to partake in when they reach a certain age (most likely early adolescence, as it is seen as a right of passage). From the words "sabre" (a type of sword) and "mazurka" (a type of Polish dance), it is a ceremony in which it is said a child has to literally dance with danger—traditionally via sword play—and come out victorious to be considered "a true Addams".

According to what Pugsley learned from his father, Gomez Addams, the purpose of the ceremony is to be prepared enough to protect the rest of the family from those who would do them harm. This is due to the Addams family's history of being victims/targets of prejudice.

The Ceremony[]

Dressed formally in front of the family, the child who partakes in the Sabre Mazurka stands on a podium and ends their "childhood" and ascension to "adulthood" with a humiliating display of howling, screaming, and (if they are capable) instantly growing a beard that is shaved down to a mustache with a parent's sabre shortly after. Following all that, the actual dance begins, in which other members of the family gracefully dance while attacking the partaker with swords, creating a gauntlet to go through.

During his ceremony, Pugsley failed to do so and apologized to his father, who admitted Pugsley hadn't let him down and that he'd let Pugsley down; he was so focused on doing things the "traditional" way, he forgot to let Pugsley be himself.

Fortunately, when a mob led by Margaux Needler starts attacking the Addams' house with a catapult, Pugsley gets a do-over in which he replaces the sabre with his bombs. Having done well enough to protect the family in time for his sister, Wednesday, to return home and help them escape (and after waiting until the house was rebuilt), Pugsley finishes the ceremony with the presentation of the traditional yak-skin hat (complete with horns) as his elders declare him a "true Addams" and a credit to the family name.


  • The Sabre Mazurka combines elements of swordplay and dance, reflecting the Addams family's eccentric and unconventional nature.
  • The ceremony emphasizes the importance of individuality and resourcefulness within the family.

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