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"I never thought it was possible to be an outcast in a school full of outcasts."
-Rowan Laslow

Rowan Laslow was a student with the power of telekinesis at Nevermore Academy and was Xavier Thorpe's former roommate. He was a former member of the Nightshade Society.

He appears in the Netflix show Wednesday.


During the series, Rowan was shown to be quite literally an outcast in a school of outcasts. He was a loner and not very talented when it came to extracurricular activities.

In "Chapter I: Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe", Rowan is first seen fencing with Bianca and falling, exclaiming to Coach Vlad that she had tripped him. Vlad insisted that it was a clean hit, and Bianca commented that if he stopped complaining and trained more, he wouldn't suck. Bianca tells Wednesday that Rowan doesn't need her to come to his defense after she takes Bianca up on her offer of sparing. Bianca then says that Rowan is lazy, not helpless, as he takes a puff from his inhaler. Rowan watches over the match between Bianca and Wednesday.

Rowan is later seen in the infirmary getting his blood pressure checked. He then tells Wednesday that he knows how she feels and that his mother promised that he would fit in at Nevermore, only for him to feel like "an outcast in a school full of outcasts." He expresses that he is sorry Wednesday got hurt during her match.

He feels dejected and retreats to the Nightshades' library later that day. It is here that he rediscovers his mother's prophetic drawing of Wednesday Addams and Joseph Crackstone dueling. He is driven crazy by his telekinetic powers, and he is only driven further by the discovery of the drawing. Rowan is convinced that he is the one who needs to kill Wednesday to prevent the prophecy from happening and stop the school from being destroyed. He makes two attempts at taking Wednesday's life. He pushes a gargoyle off of the roof and only narrowly misses hitting Wednesday, who is saved by Xavier Thorpe shoving her out of the way.

While walking at Harvest Festival, Rowan gets bumped into by Wednesday. Rowan rushes away from Wednesday.

After moving away from the main crowd, Wednesday catches up to Rowan. He takes a hit from his inhaler after running and asks Wednesday what she wants. He chuckles when Wednesday tells him that he's in danger. He then uses his telekinesis to throw her against a tree. As he holds her against the tree, Wednesday figures out that it was he who tried to kill her with the gargoyle earlier that week. He then shows Wednesday a picture of a girl that his mother drew during her time at Nevermore. He then reveals that his mother told him to stop Wednesday if she ever came to Nevermore because she would destroy the school and everyone in it. He then begins to choke her. A monster suddenly attacks Rowan and disembowels him. Wednesday rushes over to his corpse, and after seeing that he is dead, she takes the picture that he showed her.

Rowan appears in "Chapter II: Woe Is the Loneliest Number", much to Wednesday's surprise. It came out that he had been expelled for unknown reasons and was due to leave immediately. After speaking briefly and angrily with Wednesday, he leaves with Marilyn Thornhill and heads for the train station. Thing follows him to the train station and loses him after he enters a bathroom and nobody but an old man comes out. It is later revealed that it wasn't Rowan at all, but Larissa Weems using her shapeshifting abilities to pose as him.

Later in the series, Rowan's glasses are used to frame Xavier Thorpe for the murders that occur and are a vital piece of evidence in the case.


Rowan wears the school uniform properly and maintains a professional standard. After fencing, he is seen without his blazer and a sleeve rolled up, looking disheveled. Even in this state, the rest of his uniform remains pristine.

He has brown eyes and short brown hair that he wears with a side part. Rowan wears brown and gold-patterned glasses.

Outside of school, Rowan wears hoodies, coats, and button-up shirts, keeping an upkeep but nerdy appearance.


Rowan is a skittish, introverted, nervous wreck who is an outcast among his peers. He is constantly left behind and feels inferior to the other students. He does, however, start to lose this personality when he starts becoming more obsessed with trying to kill Wednesday. He begins losing himself to his telekinesis.

Powers / Abilities / Weaknesses[]


  • Telekinesis: Rowan possessed the psychic ability to move objects with his mind.


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Xavier Thorpe[]

Before his telekinetic powers got to him, Rowan and Xavier seemed to get along well. While not being perfect roommates, Xavier still displayed fondness for Rowan after he died. Xavier noted that Rowan had been acting differently for the past few weeks and had been angrier and more erratic with Xavier with each passing day. When Xavier found the book that Rowan had stolen from the Nightshades' library, the two got into a fight. This fight led to Xavier being thrown against the wall by Rowan's telekinesis and ultimately severing their friendship.

Wednesday Addams[]

Immediately following their first meeting, Rowan becomes obsessed with Wednesday. After seeing her for the first time, he immediately goes to the Nightshades' library and finds a book that a prophetic drawing made by his mother is in. Before she died, his mother had told him that it was his destiny to stop and get rid of the threat that the girl posed in the picture if she ever came to Nevermore. Due to his mind already being weak, this spun him into a web of obsession. Rowan became obsessed with the idea of murdering Wednesday and saving the school. He dedicated himself to eliminating the threat Wednesday posed and tried to kill her multiple times but failed each time.

Unnamed Mother †[]

Rowan's mother was a seer who had attended Nevermore Academy. Rowan appears to have high respect for his mother, as he attempted to kill Wednesday as a promise to her.


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Appears In[]

Wednesday Series

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Wednesday Series


  • Rowan means red haired.
  • Laslow means glorious ruler.


  • Rowan is the first and, so far, only Nevermore student to fall victim to the Hyde.
  • In the original script, Rowan is 16 years old.[1]
  • The ironic part of Rowan's goal is that he was right in the meta/multiverse sense; Wednesday was the threat his mother predicted. Just not the titular version of her, but instead the 1990s film version.

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