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Robin Mossley (born 3 April 1955) is a Canadian actor.

He has appeared in films and television programs such as:

  • 21 Jump Street (TV Series) in the 1988 episode "Orpheus 3.3" as Turrell
  • The Beachcombers (TV Series) as Gus
  • Danger Bay (TV Series)
  • MacGyver (TV Series)
  • Max Glick (TV Series) as Allan Demchuk
  • The Amy Fisher Story (1993 TV) as the doctor
  • Northwood (TV Series) as Chucky
  • The Outer Limits (TV Series) in the 1996 episode "Afterlife"
  • Highlander (TV Series) in the 1996 episode "Glory Days" as Jimmy The Weasel
  • The X-Files (TV Series)
  • Police Academy: The Series (TV Series) in the 1997 episode "Mummy Dearest" as Bruno Gruber
  • Dudley Do-Right (1999)
  • Hope Island (TV Series) as Harry the Fisherman
  • It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002 TV) as Nicki Nut-What
  • Dead Like Me (TV Series) in the 2003 episode "Reapercussions" as the Taxidermy Instructor
  • Elf (2003) as Chuck
  • The 4400 (TV Series) in the 2004 episode "The New and Improved Carl Morrissey" as the Rental Manager
  • Cold Squad (TV Series)
  • Stargate SG-1 (TV Series)
  • Psych (TV Series) in the 2008 episode "Lights, Camera... Homicidio" as the Stage Manager
  • Reaper (TV Series)
  • R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour (TV Series) in the 2011 episode "Catching Cold" as the Postie


Mossley played Clyde in The New Addams Family episode "Gomez, the People's Choice".